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Change Management

Streamline the process of assessing and implementing changes.

Change management lets you accurately assess the risk of changes, and then apply the appropriate approval process. This means a lot less disruption to the business. With Novell Service Desk, you can:

  • Use the CMDB to establish relationships among the reason, priority, and impact of a change. It helps you create links to affected configuration items, which reduce risk to the business.
  • Take advantage of pre-defined templates to ensure that IT has accurate and consistent recording when initiating requests for change directly from incidents. This predictability helps assign activities to the correct people quickly and easily.
  • Drive faster resolutions. You can use the CMDB to manage the relationships between incidents and help IT make informed decisions as they resolve incidents and requests.
  • Integrated CMDB The Novell Service Desk configuration management database (CMDB) is a centralized, knowledge-driven repository for all service-management information discovered, inventoried and managed through Novell ZENworks® and other Novell and third-party products.Read more
  • Build a more productive, responsive service environment Novell Service Desk software will help you reduce your mean time to repair (MTTR) and continually improve your service management environment by streamlining and automating service desk functions.Read more

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