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Knowledge Management

Take advantage of efficient knowledge creation, publication and distribution processes.

Knowledge management is the key to a truly efficient helpdesk. Service Desk provides you with efficient knowledge creation, publication and distribution processes that can help you speed resolution times, reduce frustration and empower end users to solve their own problems. Knowledge management features allow you to:

  • Access FAQ and knowledgebase articles (KBAs) based on a user's role and status
  • Convert solutions to KBAs in real-time from within an incident
  • Manage the approval process for all articles
  • Find information using expert systems' search tools and allow users to create custom views
  • Manage and organize KBAs and FAQs by topic or frequency of request
  • Maintain an audit history of all articles
  • Change management Get powerful change management features in Service Desk that will help you assess the risk of changes and manage disruptions to daily operations.Read more
  • Build a more productive, responsive service environment Service Desk software will help you reduce your mean time to repair (MTTR) and continually improve your service management environment by streamlining and automating service desk functions.Read more

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