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Storage Manager Features

Micro Focus Storage Manager brings unprecedented structure, automation and management capabilities to user and group storage

Manages your data assets

Automate data management to mitigate risk

Storage Manager directory-enacted policies ensure that you’re always managing your data assets properly. Storage Manager handles data privacy, rights and access analysis, data disposition and more through its policies.

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Automates routine storage tasks

Generate quick ROI by automating storage tasks

If you have a large or dynamic user population, Storage Manager can help you generate a substantial return on investment (ROI). That's because it automatically performs provisioning, rights settings, renames, storage transfers, vaulting, disposition and reassignments.

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Addresses File Analysis objectives

Implement a File Analysis plan

Observing the rampant growth of unstructured data across industries, the Gartner research organization identified and defined the “File Analysis” market segment in 2014

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Contains data growth

Create policies to move, delete and distribute data

Controlling your data management costs starts with controlling data growth. Storage Manager policies can groom, archive and dispose of files, or distribute files for data load balancing.

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Eases the burden on IT

Make life easier for your IT department

Instead of saddling your IT helpdesk personnel with single-instance user and group storage tasks, let Storage Manager automatically perform these tasks. Based on user identities and policies you create, Storage Manager can set up user home directories, provision files and prepare your employees to be their most productive without bothering your IT staff.

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Controls data access

Let user roles determine file and storage access

You establish the rules, Storage Manager enforces them. Set policies that control folders and dictate users’ access rights and let Storage Manager implement the policies’ settings so only authorized users can access potentially sensitive data.

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Makes data migrations easy

Move data to Microsoft or our network platforms

With Storage Manager, migrating data from one server to another is a simple two-step process. The Cross Empire Data Migration subsystem makes migrating from our server to a Microsoft server or a network-attached storage device easy too.

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Enables file management in identity management systems

Extend your identity management system

Because Storage Manager uses the same directory as your identity management system (NetIQ® eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory), Storage Manager can take user storage action when your identity management system takes user account action.

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