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Education Evaluation Bundle


Administration, are you interested to see what students think about the new teacher you just hired? If you are the teacher, would you like to find out how your course material and teaching style is perceived by your students? For the teachers, would you like to see some changes made in the administration or voice your opinions? Utilize these evaluation forms to collect valuable information throughout all levels of your institution.

Figure 1: Administration Evaluation Form

Figure 2: Course Evaluation Form

Figure 3: Teacher Evaluation Form


These evaluations are custom forms that can be downloaded and used as is, or the questions can be edited to better fit your needs. After they are filled out, the results are displayed in an easy-to-read and interpret format.

Included in this bundle are three different evaluation forms: Administration Evaluation, Course Evaluation, and Teacher Evaluation. These can be downloaded as their own separate definitions or as a preconfigured folder.

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


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