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HR Questionnaire Bundle


Gather important information from your employees at different stages during their employment. Do you want feedback on your hiring process? What about the on-boarding and training process? Are you curious as to how you can improve retention and employee satisfaction? Send out these questionnaire forms in order to see what you are doing right, and what changes you need to make to improve.

Figure 1: Exit Interview Form

Figure 2: Onboarding Form

Figure 3: Hiring Process Form

Figure 4: Employee Satisfaction Form


This questionnaire bundle consists of four different types of forms. Each of them is meant for an employee during a specific stage of employment, from beginning to end. The forms contain a series of questions, either rating based or short answer, and a comments section. These forms are useful in that they will provide specific feedback on the way you interview, train and treat your employees. The information gathered will show what changes need to be made and what things you are doing correctly.

You can download all of the forms below in a preconfigured folder, or specific definitions to fit your needs.

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


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