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Application Virtualization Version Comparison


Application Virtualization 11.x Application Virtualization 10.x Application Virtualization 9.x

Packaging Automation

Application templates Yes Yes Yes
Application snapshotting Yes Yes Yes
Manual application creation Yes Yes Yes
Multi-language support for virtual applications Yes Yes Yes
Application harvesting using Recipes Yes Yes Yes
Recipe matching service via desktop scan Yes Yes Yes
Application templates and hosting service hosted online Yes Yes Yes

Run-time Environments

One-click add for .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 Runtimes Yes Yes Yes
One-click add for Sun Java Runtime Yes Yes Yes
One-click add for Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave and Adobe Reader Yes Yes Yes
One-click add for SQL Express Runtime Yes Yes Yes
One-click add for .NET 4.0 Runtime Yes Yes Yes

Package Configuration

Platform Configuration Merge (XP, Vista and Windows 7 configurations) Yes Yes Yes
Sandbox Merge Yes Yes Yes
Application compression Yes Yes Yes
Virtual filesystem search Yes Yes Yes
Virtual registry search Yes Yes Yes
Virtual registry import Yes Yes Yes
Define SVM search criteria in ZAV Studio Yes Yes Yes

Platform Support

Microsoft Vista Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Windows 7 Yes Yes Yes
64-bit virtual applications Yes Yes Yes
Windows 8 Yes Yes No


Publish application to USB Drive Yes Yes Yes
Publish application to ZENworks Configuration Management ZONE Yes Yes Yes


Web application portal Yes Yes No
Intelligent streaming from web server or UNC share Yes Yes Yes
Intelligent streaming of juke-boxed suite applications Yes Yes Yes
Offline execution of streamed applications Yes Yes Yes


Application Expiration Yes Yes Yes
Limit application execution to ZENworks management devices Yes Yes Yes
Limit application execution based on Microsoft Active Directory membership Yes Yes Yes
Embed custom security shims to control application launch behavior Yes Yes Yes
Clipboard Isolation (Pro Edition) Yes No No

ZAV Server

Assign applications to Micro Focus eDirectory/Active Directory users and groups Yes Yes No
Easily profile/optimize apps for streaming through the management console Yes Yes No
Limit the number of users/devices that can access the application simultaneously Yes Yes No
Track usage of virtual applications in your environment Yes Yes No
Desktop Containers (Pro Edition) Yes No No
Desktop Containers and Shared Files (Pro Edition) Yes No No
File Synchronization (Pro Edition) Yes No No
Startup Applications (Pro Edition) Yes No No

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