Windows 7 Migration

Minimize business and end user disruptions as you migrate to Windows 7.

Microsoft estimates that it can take more than 20 hours to migrate a single machine to Windows 7. Fortunately, ZENworks Configuration Management is ready to dramatically accelerate and automate every aspect of your Windows 7 migration efforts.

With ZENworks Configuration Management, you can:

  • Use powerful imaging and personality migration capabilities to facilitate Windows 7 migrations, preserve personal desktop and application settings and minimize the business disruptions that normally accompany major OS upgrades.
  • Manage all the different Windows desktop operating systems and versions in your mixed environment.
  • Integrate ZENworks Configuration Management with Active Directory, Micro Focus eDirectory or even multi-directory environments.
  • Dynamically read user identity information from your directory. So you can continue to manage users with your directory of choice and use ZENworks to manage the applications and policies intended for those users.
  • Device configuration and standardization Take advantage of automated policy enforcement to standardize configuration settings for operating systems and applications. Read more
  • Imaging and pre-boot services Perform automatic imaging tasks and manual imaging operations quickly and efficiently. Read more

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