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Firewall Security and Other New Features

New firewall security and secure encryption capabilities give you even more reason to feel safe and secure

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management includes a new feature that will disable endpoint modems when hard-wired into the network. In addition, you will enjoy increased encryption capabilities, with user-defined secondary decryption passwords, multiple safe harbor definitions per policy, sub-folder support for safe harbor locations, and a new copy standalone decryption tool to RSD by policy.

New firewall security benefits and features include the ability to disable the Windows firewall and update registration in Windows Security Center and input ranges for IP (CIDR, from/to, etc.). Another new feature allows you now to white list RSD by description in the preferred device list.

  • Strict policy enforcement Choose an endpoint security solution that doesn't rely on the compliance of each employee. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management ensures that 24x7, connected or not, your employees are actually using their AV, anti-spyware, and other applications according to your policies. Read more
  • Antivirus and spyware integrity ZENworks Endpoint Security Management verifies that designated endpoint PC antivirus and/or anti-spyware software is running and is up to date, whether the endpoint connects to the corporate network or the Internet. Read more

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