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What is ZENworks Mobile Management?

Novell ZENworks Mobile Management is a product that allows customers to manage and secure the full lifecycle of their mobile device workforce, from one web services console, using similar concepts that ZENworks customers have come to appreciate; ie, users, policies, and mobile apps.

What device platforms can I manage with ZENworks Mobile Management?

ZENworks Mobile Management manages a range of relevant platforms such as Apple iOS, Android (with enhanced functional via NitroDesk TouchDown), Windows Mobile, Symbian and , and other devices utilizing ActiveSync such as BlackBerry 10.x and Windows Phone.

Can I secure devices with ZENworks Mobile Management?

Yes. ZENworks Mobile Management provides the organization with a central way of locking down device settings, enforcing password requirements, and enforcing encryption on the device. Please refer to Device Platform Comparison for more information on specific device functionality.

Does ZENworks Mobile Management have a solution for managing corporate data on a device?

Yes. ZENworks Mobile Management can encrypt the contents of the device under management, and perform either a selective wipe or full wipe should the device be stolen or lost. Please refer to Device Platform Comparison for more information on which devices support encryption.

What is the main set of features that I get with ZENworks Mobile Management?

ZENworks Mobile Management provides the ability to centrally provision applications and policies, collect device inventory information, enforce security features, asset tracking and location, remote device-wipe, and application/file management. In addition to these features, end users have the ability to access a self-service portal in order to execute some basic administrative features.

What does ZENworks Mobile Management cost?

The ZENworks Mobile Management MSRP license cost is $59 per device and $15 per year for maintenance. Alternatively, subscriptions are $30 per year. All numbers shown are in US dollars. Please contact your Novell representative for published price lists and more details on program-specific pricing.

Can I pay a subscription price for a hosted solution built on ZENworks Mobile Management?

Not at this time. However this is an area we are exploring in detail.

In terms of hardware and software, what do I need to host ZENworks Mobile Management on my own network?

In its current release, you will need to install the ZENworks Mobile Management web services on a Windows server running Internet Information Services. (See Documentation for more information.) The number of servers required by each customer may vary, depending on the size of the implementation and complexity.

Can ZENworks Mobile Management cater to both personal and corporate devices?

Yes. Personal and corporate devices can be tracked and managed with separate security policy settings, within the same policy group. For example, you can remote-wipe all of a corporate device while only remote-wiping corporate data on a personal device.

What is Novell's position, and what do you recommend when it comes to "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD)?

Each customer will have their own unique policy when it comes to allowing employees to bring their own devices into the workplace–including storing sensitive corporate data on personal property. While there is no general recommendation that adequately addresses the needs of every organization, Novell strongly encourages organizations to implement a "BYOD Strategy". This Strategy should consider the data security risk to the organization as well as workforce productivity requirements. Ultimately, each organization should use this Strategy to produce and implement a "Terms of Use" agreement with employees that reasonably balances organizational risk with workforce productivity. For more information, please contact your Novell representative.

Am I able to remote control devices using ZENworks Mobile Management?

No. At this time this feature is not feasible given the platform diversity of mobile devices supported by ZENworks Mobile Management. As mobile devices become more mature, this is expected to change.

How well does ZENworks Mobile Management scale for very large implementations with thousands of devices under management?

ZENworks Mobile Management scales very well in large enterprise environments, and as a rule of thumb we suggest one web server for every ten thousand devices that are planned to be under management. (See Documentation for more information.)

What database platforms does ZENworks Mobile Management support?

Currently, ZENworks Mobile Management supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008. (See Documentation for more information.)

What server platforms does ZENworks Mobile Management support in terms of hosting the core web services?

Currently, ZENworks Mobile Management supports Microsoft Windows Server, versions 2003 and 2008. (See Documentation for more information.)

What web server platforms does ZENworks Mobile Management support today? What about the future?

Currently, ZENworks Mobile Management supports Microsoft Internet Information Services, versions 6 and 7. (See Documentation for more information.)

When will ZENworks Mobile Management be fully integrated into ZENworks Control Center?

ZENworks Mobile Management will be partially integrated into the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) in the next release of the product; this will include a unified install, as well as support for Oracle and Sybase databases in addition to MS SQL. This initial integration will allow ZCC users to open and manipulate the ZENworks Mobile Management web console within ZCC. The following release will include complete integration into ZCC.

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