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And sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Steady the dizzying mobile maelstrom with us. You may know us from the past, but if you haven't visited us lately, you may not realize we cover everything from mobile device management to printing and file sharing on the go.

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01 Mobile Management


You can’t manage a flood with a bucket. Proper mobile device management requires a solution that can control user- and organization-owned devices, wipe data off lost devices and work with different platforms. Mobile Management provides all this with the easy-to-use ZENworks console. With over 15 years of managing endpoints, we can offer enterprise-level mobile device management that addresses the challenges you face today. Visit the Product Page

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  • Manage enterprise-owned and personal devices
  • Protect mobile data with security and access controls
  • Support a broad range of device platforms

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02 Filr


Cloud file hosting services make file access easy, but they let your files, and your intellectual property, run wild. Filr gives your users file access and sharing on any mobile device. More importantly, it lets you leverage your existing firewalls and access rights to keep your organization secure. Give your users modern file access ease while you keep your files in their place.
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  • Make files accessible from anywhere on any device
  • Preserve file access controls and regulatory compliance
  • Leverage your existing file systems and infrastructure

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03 Micro Focus iPrint


Once you have mobile files on well-managed devices, giving users familiar tools like printing is the next step towards a complete mobile solution. The new Micro Focus iPrint helps your users print from any device to any network printer by using email, AirPrint and other wireless technologies to unlock your organization’s printers. From the tablet fanatic to the team player to the always wired worker, Micro Focus iPrint lets your people print wherever they wander.
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  • Enable proximity-based printing from Apple and Android devices
  • Mobilize your existing fleet of printers rather than buying new

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