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 Klaus / CIO

I need you to make sure the business is secure & productive.

 Kristie / Sales

I need the tools to make this sale.

 Esteban / IT Admin

I need to serve up these apps without creating more work.


 Divya / Support

I need to connect to our customers.

 Oliver / Finance

I need to know how much data storage will cost us.

 Gavin / Intern

I need to print this document from my iPhone.


01 Mobility

Mobile is the New Black

Your sales team is going to bring their devices to work no matter what. We believe users should be productive on their own terms (and devices) without compromising IT goals. We design our products to help you give mobile employees the information they need. For you and for us, mobility isn’t a special category. It’s just life.


There are more iPhones sold each day than babies born in the world.

Source: news.cnet.com/

02 Endpoint Security


Personal devices increase productivity, but can quickly become a liability without proper endpoint security. Your CIO’s top priority may be security, but your end users value productivity above all else. We don’t think IT professionals should have to choose between these often-competing goals. We let them say “yes” to both.

113 / min
113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the U.S.
12k / week
About 12,000 laptops are lost each week in U.S. airports alone.

120,000 cell phones are lost in Chicago taxi cabs every year (nearly 329 per day).

Source: www.micro-trax.com/statistics

03 Collaboration

Your Coworkers are Connecting

When employees across an organization get the tools to connect the way they do in their social life, productivity results. So how do you let your users hook up? We create solutions that turn your users into your killer app. With intuitive social tools that let them follow, tag, rate, micro-blog and more, your employees can simply engage.


Most employees who use Facebook and Twitter in the workplace keep it open in the background all the time—just like email.1


39 percent of IT leaders have a major employee collaboration implementation planned this year.2

Source 2: informationweek.com

Source 1: forbes.com

04 File & Print


Think you don’t produce paper? Ask the intern who has to deal with it. Whether your intern is printing documents for Human Resources or organizing files on your intranet, he knows how much you need comprehensive file management. We began working with file and print before your intern was born and is still innovating to make sure your users can get to their files, print them and continue creating them.

Three billion pages are printed per day in EMEA. If we lay down the pages printed daily in EMEA one after another, they would reach the moon and back.

Source: idc-cema.com

05 Data Governance


Data is amassing on the horizon, and in order to comply with regulations you’ll probably be storing even more tomorrow. When dealing with the inevitable data explosion, you might convince yourself that storage is cheap. But it isn’t free. And what do you tell the people in Finance when they ask for estimates? If you don’t know what you have, you can’t govern it. We can help.

90 percent of the data in the world today was created in the last two years.

2.5 Quintillion bits of data/day

Source: storagenewsletter.com/

06 Application Management


Your secretary needs an app and, oh, so does everyone else. Company policy seems like a thing of the past, and your IT staff can barely keep up. Giving your users the apps they want doesn’t help the business if IT costs soar. The trick is to give users what they want without giving away the farm.

94% of IT executives find it challenging to deliver new enterprise app projects on time and on budget.1

In large organizations (that is, 5,000 to 50,000 users), there is typically one application for every 10 to 20 users. Therefore, an organization with 10,000 users typically has about 500 to 1,000 applications.2

Source 2: Gartner, Inc. "Planning Effectively for Staffing for End-User Computing Support and Engineering," Terrence Cosgrove, June 26, 2012

Source 1: www.cioinsight.com

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