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Novell Security Management helps you reduce the cost and complexity of collecting, archiving, and reporting on log data for compliance and security. Your IT infrastructure generates a torrent of log data. Whenever a user logs into a server, a firewall blocks an IP address, or a host of other activities occurs, a log file is generated. Your event logs contain a wealth of information that can be used to pinpoint weak points in an infrastructure, check who accessed certain data, or prove compliance with regulations. You face an enormous challenge in collecting and making sense of all this data. You need to be able to collect, archive, search, and report on the data for both security and compliance.

Log management for improved security, forensic analysis, and regulatory compliance

Security Management from Novell provides enterprise-class log management. We automate the process of collecting, organizing, storing and reporting on log data across the entire organization. This lowers the cost of complying with information security regulations such as PCI-DSS, SOX and NERC. It also helps you detect weak points in security infrastructure, and speeds up the process of forensic analysis if a security breach does happen.

The first log management problem you face is simply finding all of the systems that might be producing interesting data. Novell Sentinel™ Log Manager makes this easy by automating the process of detecting syslog data sources. However, when all the relevant data sources are identified, the sheer volume of data quickly becomes unmanageable. Sentinel Log Manager can help with that too. It includes advanced filtering to help sort out meaningful data from noise.

Once the right data is identified and collected, you are faced with a host of additional problems including:

  • Extracting actionable and useful information out of the raw data
  • Using raw data to detect gaps in security
  • Creating reports to prove regulatory compliance
  • Storing data in an efficient and intelligent manner
  • Retaining data for the right amount of time

Novell Sentinel Log Manager is built to perform all of these tasks and more. Searching through data to conduct a forensic analysis is made easy with a powerful search engine, advanced filtering controls, and the ability to search across online or archived data. You can create reports with a single click. Your data retention policies are supported so that data is not stored longer than it's needed. And data is compressed 10:1 automatically, giving you great storage efficiency without sacrificing usability.

Security Management makes it simple to get a handle on security quickly with Sentinel Log Manager, and then build on that initial investment. Security is an ongoing process, and Security Management from Novell lets you use your existing investments as you build out your security infrastructure.

Novell Sentinel Log Manager stores data in an open format, and makes it simple to forward event data to other tools. Once log management is in place, the initial setup and collection of event data does not have to be repeated to deploy real-time SIEM. Once you start correlating events in real time, you can keep improving your correlation and automatic remediation capabilities.

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