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Troubleshooting GWIA Abends and Strange Behavior

(Last modified: 27Feb2004)

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Troubleshooting GWIA Abends and Strange Behavior


Novell GroupWise 5.5

Novell GroupWise 5.5 EP

Novell GroupWise 6

Novell GroupWise Internet Agent


The GWIA gateway is hanging or exhibiting strange behavior

GWIA abends server on start-up

Running process: gwia__p

The gateway restarts several times

Correlation database errors

Cannot send Internet email

Cannot receive Internet email

Messages are stored in the "Defer" folder on the GWIA


Damaged gwcorr.db file

Damaged gateway setup or configuration file

Damaged, corrupted, or unexpected  message file in one of the gateway's input queues

Damaged gateway directory structure


The following are basic GWIA gateway troubleshooting steps for each of the causes. The troubleshooting suggestions are given in order of difficulty or complexity, from least to most difficult to accomplish. However, the order is not critical. If one doesn't work, try the next one.
NOTE: Before proceeding with any of the steps below, you should backup your SMTP gateway domain's directory tree, including the subdirectories.
1. A damaged GWCORR.DB file
- Exit the gateway
- Restart the daemon and gateway
2. Rename the <domain>\WPGATE\GWIA\GWAC.DB file.
3. A damaged gateway setup or configuration file
- Exit the gateway
- The setup files are saved in the 000.PRC subdirectory. Delete or move 000.PRC with its subdirectories to a     different place on the server. The gateway will recreate 000.PRC, its subdirectories, and the default setup files. A new log file will be started
- Restart the gateway
4. A damaged, corrupted, or unexpected  message file in one of the gateway's input queues
- Exit the gateway
- Empty gateway queues and processing directories. The goal is to get the gateway to run idle without any problems
- Queues to empty are: 000.PRC\GWWORK, DEFER, GWHOLD\QFILES, GWPROB, RECEIVE, RESULT, SEND, WPCSIN and WPCSOUT  (including subdirectories)
- Restart the daemon and gateway
5. A damaged wpdomain.db database.
- Exit the gateway
- Exit any other gateways running in this domain.
- If the domain is a secondary domain, rebuild it from the primary domain.
- Restart the daemon and gateway
- Restart all other gateways in the domain
NOTE: The gateway definition itself may have content damage. The rebuild may not help in this case. Try deleting the gateway definition in NWADMIN and recreating it.
6. A damaged gateway directory structure.
NOTE: Before trying this option, you should suspect all the previously mentioned causes first. Do their troubleshooting first.
- Exit the gateway
- Remove the following directories and their subdirectories after backup:  000.PRC (including subdirectories), DEFER, GWHOLD, GWPROB, RECEIVE, RESULT, SEND, WPCSIN (including subdirectories), WPCSOUT (including subdirectories)
- Remove the gwcorr.db file (If running GroupWise 5.5 and earlier.)
- Restart the Message Server (WPCSIN & WPCSOUT and subdirectories will be recreated after this step)
- Restart  gateway (all other directories will be recreated after this step)
NOTE: These steps are given as troubleshooting options only.
7.Delete the GWIA object and directory structure and reinstall the GWIA.


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