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How To Use GWIA with a Route.cfg

(Last modified: 23Mar2004)

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How To Use GWIA with a Route.cfg

How to send email to a UNIX machine that is unknown to the Public Domain Name Server

How to send email destined to one particular host to pass through a separate SMTP server


Novell GroupWise 5.2

Novell GroupWise 5.5

Novell GroupWise 5.5 EP

Novell GroupWise 6

Novell GroupWise Internet Agent

NAT (Network Address Translation) being used


Unable to send loopback mail using NAT

450 MX lookup errors on your own Internet domain name.  Use internal IP address in route.cfg


There are a few scenarios where a ROUTE.CFG can help solve GWIA issues.

1.  Customers using  NAT are unable to send loopback mail.  This is typically because of limitations with NAT's  inability for a private address to loopback to a public address.  Using a ROUTE.CFG allows us to bypass the DNS and use the NAT private address when resolving a loopback address.  

2.  Customers are wanting to send email to a UNIX machine or other host that is unknown to the Public Domain Name Servers.  The ROUTE.CFG acts much like a hosts file so we can resolve addresses that may not be listed in the DNS.

3.  Customers want email destined to one particular host to pass through a separate SMTP server.  This may be because of Virus checking or to create copies of all email messages going to certain locations.


To use ROUTE.CFG, create a file in the DOMAIN\WPGATE\GWIA directory called ROUTE.CFG.  The file should look like this:

Hostname [space] IPAddress  (square brackets should be used if we don't want GWIA to query DNS)
Here is an example: []   (Scenario 1)
unixbox []    (Scenario 2)
smtpmachine []  (Scenario 3)

With the first Address (, GWIA will not query DNS for but send mail to  With the second Address (UNIX) GWIA will send mail addressed to user@unixbox to

Note: Include a hard return after the last entry.


If you are configuring a route.cfg on your own Internet domain name you will want to configure the route.cfg to use the internal IP address of your gwia server.   This way GWIA will know where to route messages bound for your own domain and not send them out to the public IP address


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