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How to configure Contextless Login in NW5

(Last modified: 07Feb2003)

This document (10011480) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.


How to configure Contextless Login in NW5


Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell Directory Services

Contextless Login

Formerly TID:  2940793


If you are using NW 5 DS.NLM 8.x then Novell does not recommend Catalog Services be run on the server. TID #10050160, Goal: Contextless login without Catalog Services, will provide another solution without using catalog services.  For that matter, you can use it on a NW 4.11 or NDS 7.x server as well.

After installing the NW5 DS.NLM 7.x server and Catalog Services, the following steps will guide you through configuring contextless login with catalog services.
1. On the server console, "load dscat.nlm" to load the Catalog Services Dredger.

2. Launch NWADMN32 and create an NDSCat:Master Catalog object. In the Create Catalog dialog, specify the Catalog name (e.g. usrcat), check Define Additional Attributes, and then click Create.   It has been reported that there are problems using a catalog with a name longer than eight characters.  If your
catalog is not working, you may want to try renaming it something shorter.

3. Choose a host server. The host server hosts the catalog dredger that populates and updates this master catalog.

4. Make the Catalog object security equivalent to another object so that the catalog has rights to browse the tree.

5. Label the catalog. You need to enter both a primary and a secondary label. A label lets you further identify the catalog. Applications and administrators can use the label to identify which catalog to use. (Primary - LGNCON, Secondary - Users)

6. Click Filter, and then enter a statement in the Filter box. A2  filter statement is used when specifying which contents (which NDS objects and which of their attributes) to include in any given catalog. For this case, we want a catalog of user objects, hence "Object Class" = "User".

7. If you want the dredger to dredge only a particular context onwards (i.e. not the whole NDS tree), you will have to specify the Scope -> Context Limits. You can use this to create catalogs for contextless login for different regions, e.g. America, Europe and Asia each have a catalog of that region, or
you can even create catalogs per country (depending on the design of your NDS).

8. Select the "Search Subtree" radio button and leave the Context Limits field blank.

9. Click Schedule to specify when the catalog should be updated.

10. Click Attributes / Indexes and select "Select Attributes" radio button and select "Full Name". Click "Select Indexes" and select "Full Name".

NOTE: You must include the "Full Name" attribute in the index, even if it's not populated for any user.  Contextless login will not work for any attribute unless this is done.

11. Click OK to save changes.

12. Add browse, read and compare trustees of the "usrcat" object to the [ROOT].

13. Add browse, read and compare trustees of [Public] to the "usrcat" object.

14. Go to the "usrcat" object, Schedule and Update Now.

15. Install the new NetWare 5 client.

16. Go to the Properties page of the client.

17. Click on the Contextless Login tab and check "Enable".

18. You can enable wild card searching (e.g. user* for user01,
user02, etc.).

19. Specify the Tree, e.g. nw5-tree (this is case sensitive, make sure it matches the case of your tree) and distinguished Catalog name, e.g.  .usrcat.novell. Be sure to include the leading "." (dot) but not the ending "." (dot).

20. Restart the workstation

To test that the contextless login works, type the name of user, then hit <TAB> at the user name field and it should show a list of names, unless that user object is unique to that NDS tree.

A list of all matching users and contexts should appear below the prompt. Partial names will work but only if the Contextless Login is configured for wild cards. For additional configuration information on Contextless Login, please refer to document 10011480.

If contextless login still does not work, you may like to check the registry settings on your workstation.

For Win95/98:
               System Config
                    Network Provider
                         Graphical Login
                                   Z Xcontext

For WinNT:
               Graphical Login
                         Z Xcontext

Verify that the following key value pairs exists:

(Key Name, Key Type, Key Value)
LoginExtDesc, String, "Login Extension Contextless Login"
LoginExtName, String, "LGNCON32.DLL"
LoginExtType, Binary, 01 80 00 00

When displaying the value of the ExtType, the value may be in reverse order on the screen from what is shown on this TID. A value of 01 08 00 00 will show up as 8001 since regedit displays this as a DWORD not Binary.

Note: After any new users are created in the future, rerun the Dredge by loading DSCAT.NLM on the server and either wait for a successful dredge or to activate it manually.


The Origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell. Novell makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information. However, the information provided in this document is for your information only. Novell makes no explicit or implied claims to the validity of this information.
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