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SUMMARY: ZEN DLU and MS Roaming Profiles

(Last modified: 11Sep2003)

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SUMMARY:  ZEN DLU and MS Roaming Profiles


Novell Client for Windows NT

Novell Client for Windows 95/98

Novell ZENworks 1.0

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 2

Microsoft Terminal Server

Formerly TID 2950797


This is a general summary of TID information regarding MS roaming profiles and ZEN DLU.

Currently in order to enable Microsoft Roaming Profiles you must be logging into a domain and disable Workstation Manager.  Also with the 4.6 client there is not a way to set the path to the profile through the client, this is functioning as designed.  You must set up MS roaming profiles through User Manager and specify the path.

As of the 4.3 client you can enable Roaming Profiles through ZenWorks and enabling DLU, or Dynamic Local User.  You must have Workstation Manager enabled on the client in order to enable DLU.

___General Information
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2938052      How does NW Client access roaming profiles
2939923      Windows NT Roaming Profiles & the NT Client
2940472      Always Map local resources for roaming users

___Windows 95
2944919     Win95 Roaming Profiles No Longer Working

___Windows NT

4.11a Client--
2929784        Workstation Manager and Roaming Profiles
2921518        Error Saving NT Profile to Home Directory

4.30 Client--
2940743        Roaming Profiles with NT client 4.3
2939925        Disappearing Roaming Profiles with Windows NT Client
2945592        Roaming Profiles Fail after upgrading to 4.3

4.6  Client--
2949451       Roaming Profile not available with 4.6 client

4.6  Client and Terminal Server--
2943151       Novell client with MS Terminal Server Summary


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