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Remote Management without ConsoleOne.

(Last modified: 09Oct2002)

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Remote Management without ConsoleOne.

Syntax for WVIEWNT.EXE.


Novell ZENworks for Desktops 2.

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.2.

Novell ZENworks Remote Management.


The Remote Control or Remote View process begins when you highlight a workstation in NetWare Administrator and then select Remote Control or Remote View from the Remote Management menu. This launches the WVIEWNT or WVIEW executable with the command line necessary to remotely control the workstation. Below is the command line syntax for SYS:PUBLIC\ZENWORKS\WVIEWNT.EXE.

Note:  The official, supported method of performing Remote Operations like Remote Control in ZENworks 2 is by using NWAdmin32.  The command-line syntax provided is for troubleshooting purposes only and is not recommended or supported.

ZENworks 2 Remote Control Syntax:

WVIEWNT.EXE -w<Workstation DN> -n<Tree Name> -c"Remote Control"

WVIEWNT.EXE -w"jbtest164_99_149_105win98.rc.novell" -n"testtree" -c"Remote Control"

ZENWorks 2 Remote View Syntax:

WVIEWNT.EXE -w<Workstation DN> -n<Tree Name> -c"Remote View"

WVIEWNT.EXE -w"jbtest164_99_149_105win98.rc.novell" -n"testtree" -c"Remote View"

1. Quotes are required around the option values
2. The options are not case sensitive, except the -c must be lower case
3. There can be NO spaces between the option and its value
4. The -c option defaults to "Remote Control" but also supports the following values for ZENworks 2.0:

"Remote View"
"Remote Execute"
"File Transfer"
"Workstation Summary"
"Cmos Info"
"Windows Memory"
"DOS Memory Map"
"Device Drivers"
"Rom Strings"
"Interrupt Vectors"

If the following error is returned:
"Cannot execute because the command line is invalid.  Status:  Network names added successfully."
then something is wrong with the SYNTAX and not the data value the switches are passing.

If the following error is returned:
"Unable to find workstation name in the NDS.  Status:  Network names added successfully."
then something is wrong with the data value the switches are passing.


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