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How to change the Owner attribute of files

(Last modified: 23Jul2002)

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How to change the Owner attribute of files


Have a shared directory that multiple users create files in. A restriction is also in place to limit the amount of space a user has on the volume. Is there a way to change the Owner attribute on files in the shared directory so that the individual users don't get taxed for those file sizes in that particular directory?


Use FLAG to set the Owner attribute on the files in a directory. (ex. FLAG *.* /NAME=KIM) This would change the Owner attribute of all the files in the current directory to KIM. This can be run in a batch file, but there is no automated way of changing the Owner attribute when the file is created. For more options use help. (FLAG /? or FLAG /? options)

NOTE: Use the FLAG v4.15, shipped with NW 4.10, to change the Owner of a file or files to a current user. For files used by most users it would be best to set the Owner to a user that will not be deleted, like ADMIN. With this version of FLAG it is possible to selective change ownership of files without owners, seen as n/a with NDIR, using the follow syntax:

 FLAG *.* /owner=n/a /name=.admin.novell /s /c

Executing this Flag command at the root of the volume will then search for all files with n/a as the Owner and change the Owner to Admin. Flag parameters: /owner= sorts on files with the specified name. /name= is used to change the file Ownership. Note: for both /owner and /name the full name must be used for any actual user names. ( ie .frank.nts.provo.novell ) /s search subdirectories, /c scroll continuously.


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