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LDIF file format / standards information

(Last modified: 25Aug2003)

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LDIF file format / standards information.


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Here are links to The Internet Engineering Task Force pages that are trying to define the standards for LDIF.

Internet Drafts Search:

Novell Documentation

Novell Documentation on LDIF click here.

BULKLOAD supports version 0 LDIF files for adding objects and version 1 LDIF files for adding, modifying, and deleting objects.
You can export data in LDIF version 0 format from most e-mail and directory systems. BULKLOAD only supports additions from LDIF version 0 files.

The LDIF file type exported from most e-mail programs is version 0.  LDIF version 1 files may contain additions, modifications and deletions in the same file.

Version 1 LDIF files must begin with the line: "version: 1"-- If this line is omitted, BULKLOAD assumes that the file is version 0, and that all objects in the file are to be added.

Sample version 0 LDIF:

dn: cn=Patrick Milliken, o=Someorg
cn: Patrick Millikensn: Milliken
objectclass: inetorgperson
givenname: Patrick
telephonenumber: +1 802 555 1212
title: Developer

dn: cn=Susan Moller, o=Someorg
cn: Susan Mollersn: Moller
givenname: Susan
objectclass: inetorgperson
telephonenumber: +1 801 555 1212

Sample add with version 1 LDIF:

dn: cn=Patrick Milliken, o=Someorg
cn: Patrick Milliken
sn: Milliken
givenname: Patrick
objectclass: inetorgperson
telephonenumber: +1 999 222 2222
title: Developer

dn: cn=Susan Moller, o=Someorg
cn: Susan Moller
sn: Moller
givenname: Susan
objectclass: inetorgperson
telephonenumber: +1 999 222 2222
title: Director

Sample modify with version 1 LDIF (the dashes are required to terminate each change.):

dn: cn=Patrick Milliken, o=Someorg
postaladdress: 999 W 555 E $ Sometown, UT $ USA
telephonenumber: 1-999-999-9999

Deleting entries is done by specifying the distinguished names to be deleted with no leading qualifier, as shown below:

dn: cn=Patrick Milliken, o=Someorg

dn: cn=Susan Moller, o=Someorg
changetype: delete


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