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How to restore a NFS volume that abends a server after a power outage.

(Last modified: 30May2002)

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How to restore a NFS volume that abends a server after a power outage.


Novell NetWare 4.11 SP 8

Novell NFS 2.3


All volumes including SYS are hosted on an external fibre channel drive array.




VREPAIR was run manually on the NFS volumes without V_NFS.NLM


Server abends when loading LOCKD.NLM.

Server runs VREPAIR automatically on all volumes

Server does not abend when mounting the corrupted NFS volume AFTER running UNISTART.NCF

The server abends in PKERNEL.NLM ever time all volumes are mounted and UNISTART.NCF is launched

When UNISTART.NCF loads LOCKD.NLM the server abends.

The only way to reboot the server after an abend is to perform a power cycle.  Other methods of downing a server such as entering the debugger, or using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Esc are not effective.


Power outage on the external drive array corrupted the NetWare NFS volume.  The CPU did not lose power but when the drive array came back on line the server abended.


Note that running VREPAIR.NLM with V_NFS.NLM until no errors are reported does not stop the abends.
The following solution only works with a good backup of the volume.
1. Delete the corrupted NetWare volume.
2. Create a new NetWare volume in the vacant space on the NetWare partition.
3. Load NFS.NAM if it is not loaded already.
4. Apply the NFS name space to the new volume with the following command:
add namespace NFS to <volumename>.  This needs to be entered once only.
5. Restore the backup volume information onto the new volume.
6. Reboot the server.
The server now mounts all volumes and runs UNISTART.NCF without abending.


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