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How to configure BorderManager with NetWare Cluster Services

(Last modified: 21May2003)

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How to configure BorderManager with NetWare Cluster Services


Novell NetWare 5.1

Note: Before running any application on servers in a NetWare Cluster Services cluster, the
application must be installed and configured properly to take advantage of shared storage
and to achieve high availability. This document provides information to help you set up and
configure some of the applications commonly used in a NetWare 5 environment. See the
NetWare Cluster Services Overview and Installation documentation for cluster installation
and configuration, and your application documentation for specific application installation
and setup instructions.

Novell BorderManager 3.5

Novell BorderManager 3.6

Novell BorderManager 3.7


BorderManager Installation and Configuration

Before running BorderManagerTM with NetWare® Cluster ServicesTM, you must have at least two NetWare 5.x servers and have NetWare Cluster Services installed and running on each of the servers that will be part of your cluster.

Install BorderManager

Install BorderManager on each of the desired servers in your cluster. See the BorderManager documentation for specific installation and setup instructions. Ensure also that you install the latest BorderManager patches.

Configure BorderManager

After installing BorderManager, configure application proxy, rules, IP address, and authentication. Ensure that all BorderManager servers in the cluster are identically configured.

Shared storage is NOT recommended for using BorderManager with NetWare Cluster Services.  Cache volumes must use NWFS for optimal performance and reliability, especially in medium to high traffic environments. This should not pose an issue with clusters, since shared media (which requires NSS) is unnecessary for cache volumes.  Cache data is expendable and need not be redundant.

NOTE:  Only HTTP proxy services was tested and support by engineering on BorderManager 3.5 and 3.6 servers.  BorderManager 3.7 supports all application proxies and authentication.  VPN, Packet Filtering or other services are NOT supported.

You must configure the BorderManager IP address and cache location specifically to work with NetWare Cluster Services.

To configure the BorderManager IP address and cache location:

  1.Start NetWare Administrator and select the BorderManager setup page for the desired server.

  2.Select IP Addresses and configure a virtual private IP address.

    For Failover and Failback to function properly, this address should be the same for all proxy servers.

  3.Configure BorderManager to use caching. This will enhance both security and performance. For high availability, the cache directory should be located on the shared disk volume.


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