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BorderManager Clustering TIPS

(Last modified: 03Sep2004)

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BorderManager Clustering TIPS


Novell BorderManager 3.5

Novell BorderManager 3.6

Novell BorderManager 3.7

NetWare Cluster Services


BorderManager 3.5 and 3.6 support clustering for HTTP Proxy Service only.   

BorderManager 3.7 supports all application proxies, Single-sign on and SSL authentication.  No other services are supported.  Note: When using SSL authentication the user will be required to re-authenticate to the new server when failover occurs. 

When using BorderManager and Clustering together here are some things to remember:
1.  The BorderManager Server can't act as the FireWall service.
2.  HTTP Proxy's AND Acceleration can be used.
3.  All Servers Must be configured Identical
4.  Start NetWare Administrator and select the BorderManager setup page for each the desired server.
5.  Select IP Addresses and configure a virtual private IP address.
6.  For Failover and Failback modes to function properly, this address should be the same for all proxy servers.
7.  To help with the PROXY unload process during a forced migrate, make sure that you have the following line in the etc/proxy.cfg file under the [Extra Configuration] section:
8.  When failover/failback occurs and PROXY re-loads, a significant amount of time may transpire as PROXY re-reads the cache volume.  To avoid this delay use TOOLBOX before PROXY loads and delete the cache directory/directories.  The cache directory/directories will be re-created when PROXY loads.  The cache will be lost, but a fast failover is usually more important than maintaining the cache.  Load TOOLBOX.NLM from the AUTOEXEC.NCF on each node that the volume resource could failover to.  If LOAD TOOLBOX is put in the resource load script, and TOOLBOX.NLM is already loaded on the server, the resource will go comatose when the load command gives a NOT MULTIPLE error for TOOLBOX.NLM.  Syntax example:

RM VOL1:\ETC\PROXY\CACHE /S/Y      (/S deletes the directory, all sub-directoires and files; /Y eliminates the confirmation prompt)

note: the alias RM must be used instead of DEL.  The cluster load and unload scripts will error on the command DEL.

9.  NETDB must be loaded prior to PROXY on the fail-over server.  Add a LOAD LOAD NETDB /N line to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file (prior to loading any BorderManager modules).

You do not want BorderManager Cache volumes as NSS volumes you want them to be be created as a traditional file system local to the server. 

NOTE:  BorderManager 3.0 was not tested with clustering services.  


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