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How to configure Automatic Workstation Import in a WAN environment.

(Last modified: 03Feb2003)

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How to configure Automatic Workstation Import in a WAN environment.


Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.0

Novell ZENworks Automatic Workstation Import


Many companies have WAN locations with one DNS server.  This server can only hand out one IP address for ZENWSIMPORT, therefore, all workstations will need to cross the WAN to be able to import.


A new WSREG.DLL and WSREG32.EXE dated 11/17/2000 (or newer) provide a solution.    These files are in latest support pack for ZFD 3.

The files need to be copied to the SYSTEM directory for 95-98, or the SYSTEM32 directory for NT/2000.  

To have the workstation import manually to a different import server other than where ZENWSIMPORT points, run WSREG32.EXE with a -S=.  (ex.  wsreg32.exe  This will work for this one instance of running WSREG32.EXE to bypass ZENWSIMPORT handed out by DNS.

To automatically redirect Workstation Registration to an Import Server other than where ZENWSIMPORT points, a registry Key can be created for WSREG32.EXE to use.  

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Workstation Manager\Import Server]

(To create the Registry key:  Start, Run, REGEDIT, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Novell, Workstation Manager.  With the Workstation Manager Key selected, Select Edit, New, Key and type in Import Server.  With the Import Server key selected, go to the right hand pane and select default. Select Edit, then Modify.  Enter either the IP address or the domain name (for example: of the desired server running the Import Service in the Value Data field of the Edit string box.)

WSREG.DLL will check this registry key first, if it exists WSREG32 will communicate with the server specified, bypassing the ZENWSIMPORT information handed out by DNS.  Otherwise it will use ZENWSIMPORT specified from the DNS server.

ZENWSIMPORT can be used at the main Headquarters of the company, then the smaller WAN locations can implement this registry setting and the new files to import locally to a server running the Import Service.

One excellent way to configure workstations with this registry key and new files is to use NAL.  Create a simple application object with just a name.  Then go to the details of the application and add the files to Application Files under the "Distribution Options" tab, also add the registry change to the Registry under the "Distribution Options" tab.  The registry change can be imported as a .REG file, or it can be manually created in NAL.  Be sure to specify on Operating System under System Requirements and make Associations to the users.


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