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Error "Severe The selected tree does not have the required schema extensions" followed by "press OK to continue".

(Last modified: 18Mar2003)

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Novell ManageWise 2.7

Novell ZENworks for Servers 2.0

Novell ZENworks for Servers 3.0


Error "Severe The selected tree does not have the required schema extensions"  followed by "press OK to continue".

Error occurs when attempting to install ZFS 2 on a NetWare 5 server with SP5 applied.  


When you modify the ZfS\SvrMgmt\data\RBS\ from "debug10" to "DEBUG5" and the ZfS\SvrMgmt\data\RBS\ to turn on the log file and run ZfS\SvrMgmt\data\RBS\setupschema.bat -v treename, it will create a log file that will tell you the error.  Here is a log file example:

[11/8/00 17:01:46.098] Install SetUpSchema: Enter SetupSchema::setupSchema
[11/8/00 17:01:46.158] Install SetUpSchema: Number of arguments = 2
[11/8/00 17:01:46.178] Install SetUpSchema: arg[0] = -V
[11/8/00 17:01:46.188] Install SetUpSchema: arg[1] = <tree name>
[11/8/00 17:01:46.198] Install SetUpSchema: Verifying schema extensions in tree <tree name> ...
[11/8/00 17:01:46.208] Install SetUpSchema: verifySchema: connecting to nds <tree name>...
[11/8/00 17:01:47.330] Install SetUpSchema: verifySchema: sas schema check failed, error = -256
[11/8/00 17:01:47.340] Install SetUpSchema: SetupSchema failed, error = -256

The error occurs because when the SAS.SCH schema file is run it cannot extend the schema for that particular piece.


Seems to happen most commonly when installing from Win2000 and XP (laptops mostly)  If an alternate OS is available e.g Win98 (see ZFS 3 README Section 3.0) or NT, try installing from that platform. Otherwise continue in the following suggestions.  Follow TID 10072684 and the links to uninstall.  ZFS 3 installed from an NT 4.0 SP6a allowed the 'Verify Schema' check to complete and the install to finish, when it was failing on W2k and XP.

For ZFS 2.0, NOT ZFS 3.0, Dowload the ZFS2PT1.EXE file from  What you have to do is copy the ZENworks for Servers Product CD to your hard drive then replace the RBSINSTALL.JAR file in the 4 places it is in the install files then run the ZFS install from your hard drive with the new files.   This does not have to be used if you do not get this error.

If the install did not create the MW:Service class in your schema, which may happen if you have a 4.11 server in your tree, then you will have to modify the MW.SCH file and manually run it to get the schema extended and then run a batch file on the CD to get the objects to be created.  Follow these steps:

1.  From the files you copied to your hard drive to install ZFS find the ZfS\SvrMgmt\data\RBS\MW.SCH file and modify it in the following way:
"MW:Service" OBJECT-CLASS ::=
 Operation     ADD,
 Flags         {DS_EFFECTIVE_CLASS},
 SubClassOf    {"SAS:Service"},
 ContainedBy   {"Organization", "Organizational Unit"},
 MayContain    {"RBS:Type", "MW:Host", "MW:Location", "MW:Account", "MW:Domain Membership", "Description"},
 ASN1ObjID     {2 16 840 1 113719 1 134 6 1 1}

"MW:Service" OBJECT-CLASS ::=
 Operation     ADD,
 Flags         {DS_EFFECTIVE_CLASS},
 SubClassOf    {"SAS:Service"},
 ContainedBy   {"Organization", "Organizational Unit"},
 MayContain    {"RBS:Type", "MW:Host", "MW:Location", "MW:Account", "MW:Domain Membership"},
 ASN1ObjID     {2 16 840 1 113719 1 134 6 1 1}

NOTE:  The , "Description" text was taken out of the MayContain field.

2.  Run <drive>:public\ndssch.exe <drive>:system\schema\mw.sch (pointing to the one you modified)

3.  Run ZfS\SvrMgmt\data\RBS\SetupRBS.bat rbs.ini novell novell novell  (The RBS.INI needs to be filled out with all the correct information.  There is a default copy of this in the same directory as setuprbs.bat but if you tried to run the install before you can find a copy of it in the C:\Windows directory of the computer you ran the install from and your information should be filled out in that copy.)

4.  After this is done then all the objects should be created and you need to reboot the server and try it.

If a check in schema manager shows that the following classes ARE in the schema, SETUP.EXE can be run from the CD or path  .zfs\svrmgmt\english  with the switch:  NO_SCHEMA_CHECK ( all capitals ).

Note: For ZFS 3.0, you can also run SETUP.EXE with a NO_SCHEMA_CHECK switch. You don't have to check to see if all of the ZFS 3 classes and attributes are in DS, because if the schema doesn't get extended in the tree, the install won't go through completely even if you're using the NO_SCHEMA_CHECK option.

The normal schema check (running setup.exe without the NO_SCHEMA_CHECK option is present just to make sure that the install doesn't wait until the end of the install to fail while creating objects, because the user actually forgot to extend the schema.
The normal schema check was meant to save time by failing early in the install, but unfortunately, it can make mistakes, thinking that the schema hasn't been extended yet. When it does, use the NO_SCHEMA_CHECK option.

MW: Account 
MW: Domain
MW: Scope
MW: Service
RBS: External scope
RBS: Module
RBS: Role
RBS: Task

This error has been found in several instances to be caused by a condition where one or more of the servers in the replica ring had a schema last modified date of 2035, or some date several years down the road. This is a time problem caused by certain versions of bios.   If this condition exists then declaring a new schema epoch will correct the problem. 


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