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How to use ITEMPURG with GW 6.0 GWCHECK.

(Last modified: 11Feb2003)

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How to use ITEMPURG with GW 6.0 GWCHECK.


Novell GroupWise 6.0

GroupWise Administration



The GW 5.5 Gwcheck "ITEMPURG" functionality has changed under GW 6.0.  (An "ITEMPURG" file is no longer created in the GWCHECK directory.)  See TIDs 10052696 and 10007332 (or just search on ITEMPURG) for information on running GWCHECK with ITEMPURG for GW 5.5.

With GroupWise 6, the user-interface (ConsoleOne or Standalone *) for Gwcheck has a "Misc" tab which contains a "Support Options:" text field.

* In ConsoleOne (with GW 6 snapins) select a GW User (or an entire post office), right click and select GroupWise Utilities, then select Mailbox/Library Maintenance.
* The Standalone Gwcheck is found in the <GroupWise Software Distribution Directory>\ADMIN\UTILITY\GWCHECK directory.

The new "Misc" tab in the GroupWise 6 Gwcheck is found in the lower right area of the Gwcheck screen.  Enter the following in this field:

itempurg=subject text

Then run this Gwcheck:
- Analyze/Fix databases, with Contents and Fix Problems checked
- Databases: User only

NOTE: The subject text for the itempurge= value cannot exceed 27 characters. Also, you must enter the exact subject line up through the first 27 characters (not case sensitive). If, for example, you received messages with a virus attached that had a subject of "Here's the information your friend requested I send to you." Then the line in GWCHECK would say:

itempurge=here's the information your

(Search words: itempurge item purge virus remove delete message loop )


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