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ZENworks policies stop downloading after installing 3.3 client.

(Last modified: 31Oct2002)

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Novell ZENworks for Desktops 2.

Novell Client 4.8 for Windows NT/2000.

Novell Client 3.3 for Windows 95/98.



ZENworks policies stop downloading after installing 3.3 client.

ZENworks policies stop downloading after installing 3.3 Novell Client for Windows9X in ZENworks 2 environment.

ZENworks policies stop downloading after installing 4.8 Novell Client for WindowsNT/2000 in ZENworks 2 environment.

ZENworks 3 policies not downloading.

ZENworks 2 policies not downloading.

Auto Workstation Import not working.

Pre-Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3 client such as 3.21 eliminates the symptom and policies will then download and show up in the scheduler and function again.

Problem will be re-introduced if NAL.EXE or NALEXPLD.EXE is launched.


When the 3.3 Novell Client for Windows9X installs, it copies a ZENPOL32.DLL file dated 8/8/2000 with a file size of 104KB to C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.  Workstation Manager relies on the ZENPOL32.DLL file to manage ZENworks Policies and requires the 8/8/2000 dated file.  It will not function properly with older versions of the ZENPOL32.DLL file.
Furthermore; when NAL.EXE or NALEXPLD.EXE are executed, NALSTART launches and looks to see if there is a difference between the ZENPOL32.DLL file (in terms of date and file size) on the File Server's SYS:PUBLIC (and SYS:PUBLIC/ZENWORKS) directory(s) and the workstation's local C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32 directory.  Since there will be a difference found (no ZENPOL32.DLL file will exist in the C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32 directory), the ZENPOL32.DLL file from the Server will be copied down to the local C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32 directory resulting in the ZENworks policies no longer functioning from that point on.


As a workaround when using the 3.3 Client, copy the ZENPOL32.DLL file from C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM dated 8/8/2000 (or later)  to the following directories:
This will facilitate the proper ZENPOL32.DLL file dated 8/8/2000, file size 104KB required by Workstation Manager with the 3.3 Novell Client for Windows9X being accessed and prevent an older copy of the file from being copied down via NAL.EXE or NALEXPLD.EXE breaking the policy functionality as described in the symptom(s) above.

1. See this related solution document: Remote Control error: "Insufficient permissions."
2. Even though most of this document talks about client 3.3, make sure that you don't have any ZENPOL32.DLL files that are older than 8/8/2000 on NT workstations with client 4.8 either.  ZENPOL32.DLL files that are older than 8/8/2000 on NT workstations with client 4.8 can cause the same problems mentioned in this document.

The location of the NAL copy of ZENPOL32.DLL has been changed to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\, which is were the Novell Client install puts it.  The fix is in NALSTART.EXE dated 10/4/2002 or later.  Novell Client standard installs of 3.32 will remove the copy of C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\ZENPOL32.DLL and install C:\WINDDOWS\SYSTEM\ZENPOL32.DLL.  Novell Client 3.32 ACU was not tested.

If a new install of the client will not be needed, C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\ZENPOL32.DLL will have to be manually removed.  The \CLIENT32\ZENPOL32.DLL may be loaded by the W9x before \SYSTEM\ZENPOL32.DLL and be in use so the typical DEL command from the login script will not delete the file.  A 'Reboot to MS-DOS mode' is one option. 


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