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GWIA install caused an invalid page fault in Module Kernel32.dll

(Last modified: 22Jan2003)

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GroupWise 6.0

GroupWise 6.0 support pack 1

Microsoft Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 98

Novell GroupWise Internet Agent 6.0 SP1


Install caused an invalid page fault in Module Kernel32.dll

Cannot install GWIA software from a Windows 98 or 95 machine

Cannot install GWIA

Running GWIA install from Windows 98 or 95 performs illegal operation.

Page Fault Error


If you already have a functioning GroupWise 6 GWIA, you may bypass the install routine by downloading and extracting GW6 SP1 and then and manually copying the GWIA 6.0 SP1 files (minus GWIA.CFG) from the extracted SP1 software distribution directory (found in INTERNET\GWIA\NLM\EXE) to the SYS:\SYSTEM directory or the directory where you want the GWIA files to be.

Install GroupWise 6 SP1 GWIA from a Windows NT/2000/XP workstation

If you do not have a functioning GWIA and must install GW6 SP1 GWIA from a Windows 95/98 workstation, you have two options:

OPTION 1--If you do not have a copy of GroupWise 6.0 shipping code (such as the original GW6 CD), you can search for and download GWIA6SP1.EXE from the Novell Support web site.  This file includes a full installation of the SP1 GWIA.  Simply extract that file and run INSTALL.EXE from the \INTERNET\GWIA directory.

OPTION 2--Install GWIA from GW 6.0 (shipping code) and then update the GWIA to the SP1 NLMs:
1. Run INSTALL.EXE from the \INTERNET\GWIA directory from the GroupWise 6.0 CD or from a GroupWise 6.0 Software Distribution Directory
2. Download and extract GroupWise 6 SP1
3. From the directory where you extracted SP1, copy the contents of the INTERNET\GWIA\NLMS\EXE directory (except for the GWIA.CFG file) to the SYS:\SYSTEM (this is the default location) directory on your server or to the directory where you installed the GWIA. If your GWIA NLM was running, you will need to unload and reload the GWIA. 

This has been fixed in GroupWise 6 Support Pack 2.


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