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Which NALNTSRV.EXE should be installed with the Novell 4.xx client in a ZFD 3.x environment?

(Last modified: 09Jun2006)

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Which NALNTSRV.EXE should be installed with the Novell 4.xx client in a ZFD 3.x environment?

Which NAL Service should be installed with newer clients than what shipped with the ZENworks version?


Novell ZENworks for Desktops 2

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.0.

Novell Application Launcher (NAL) 3.1




Novell Client 4.6 for Windows NT.

Novell Client 4.7 for Windows NT/2000.

Novell Client 4.71 for Windows NT/2000.

Novell Client 4.8 for Windows NT/2000.

Novell Client 4.81 for Microsoft Windows NT/2000.

Novell Client 4.82 for Windows XP.

Novell Client 4.83 for Windows NT/2000/XP.

Novell Client 4.9 for Windows NT/2000/XP.


Install the NALNTSRV.EXE that is in the ZFD 3.0 patch ZFD3SP1A.EXE, or the just released file ZD3NL7A.EXE.  This concept would apply to any newer updates to NALNTSRV.EXE version 3.1 and 3.2 as well.

The ZENworks Application Service (NALNTSRV.EXE) is specific to the ZENworks version.

To see the date & version of NALNTSRV.EXE (workstation: C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32, server: SYS:PUBLIC\WINNT), use EXPLORER.EXE, right click on the file and select Properties, then the NetWare Version tab, then 'View Version, Copyright and Check Sum Info' button.  The version and date of NALNTSRV.EXE on the workstation must match the version of it on the server, listed below:

ZENworks Versions   /   NAL and NALNTSRV.EXE Versions  /  ZENworks Client Versions:
ZENworks 2            /            3.0          /           4.6 SP1 to 4.71
ZFD 3.0                  /            3.1          /           4.80 to 4.80 SP3
ZFD 3.2                  /            3.2          /           4.80 SP4 to 4.81 PT1, 4.82 (for XP only, ZENworks XP Support), & 4.83 sp1 and sp2 (or later).

If the version and date of NALNTSRV.EXE are the same on the server and workstation, they are in sync and no prompt for updated files & reboot should occur.  The prompt occurs because a file that is registered with the OS, has been updated, and the OS must be re-started to get the new file loaded.  

Non-NALNTSRV.EXE files should be the same on the ZENworks server and the client workstation., See TIDs 10060646 & 10066692 for a more detailed explanation of the NAL file check and copy process and which Workstation Manager (WM.EXE) should be installed with the Novell Client.

The Novell ZENworks Application Launcher (NALNTSRV.EXE) install:

If you have installed the 4.81 client with the NALNTSRV.EXE that comes with it, that is for ZFD 3.2, which does not work in a ZFD 3.0 environment.  NAL.EXE or NALNTSRV.EXE will NOT update the workstation with the ZFD 3.0 NALNTSRV.EXE that is on the server.  NALNTSRV.EXE is a Windows NT Service and requires special installation (Administrator rights). The NAL NT Service can be updated in any of the following ways:

a. Installing the Novell 4.81 Client for ZENworks 3.0 with the NALNTSRV.EXE version 3.1 in the source files. The client
installation can install the NALNTSRV.EXE on the workstation.  Copy the Client install files to a volume and rename the 4.81 NALNTSRV.EXE.  When the server(s) are updated to ZFD 3.2, the NALNTSRV.EXE version 3.2 that is installed to the server can then be installed to the workstations.

b. "NALNTSRV.EXE install start" can be run on each individual workstation, however this requires sufficient rights to the workstation in order to make changes to the service.

c. A custom action can be created in a Workstation Policy Package to run "NALNTSRV install start". The policy package could be configured and associated to the workstations to provide the update. The Workstation object needs rights to the directory where the new NALNTSRV.EXE is stored on the server, then follow these steps:

1- Select Add Action on the Policies page and give the action a name like "Install/Update NALNTSRV."

2- Select the new scheduled action and click Details.

3- On the Actions page, select Add. In the Name field, enter the UNC path and filename to run NALNTSRV.EXE. In the Parameters field, specify "INSTALL" or "INSTALL START"    no quotes.

4- Select OK to save the Item Properties.

5- Select the Policy Schedule page and set the Schedule to "Event."

6- Set the event to "User Login."

7- Select Advanced Settings.

8- Set Completion to "Disable the action after completion."

9- Set Impersonation to "System" and the Priority to "Normal."

10- Select OK to save the Advanced Settings.

11- On the Associations page, make sure the correct users, workstations, groups, or
containers are listed.

For a related issue, see TID 10071115 [no longer available].


If you subsequently upgrade to a later version of ZENworks, be very careful to remove any automated procedure that may run this command, as, during migration, you may accidentally place an older version of the NAL NT Service on your workstation, with unpredictable results.


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