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iFolder 1.01 Error "Invalid Password"

(Last modified: 20Dec2004)

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Novell NetWare 6.0

Novell iFolder 1.01


iFolder 1.01 Error "Invalid Password"

Unable to login to iFolder client


Public must be a trustee of Root and must also have Read and Compare rights to the CN property attribute and the rights must be marked as inheritable.


1.  Load ConsoleOne
2.  Select [Root], right click and select TRUSTEES OF THIS OBJECT.
3.  First verify that the [Public] object is a trustee of [Root] with read and compare rights.
4.  Next select the [Public] object and then select ASSIGNED RIGHTS
5.  By default the [Public] object should have browse rights for Entry Rights.  
6.  Select ADD PROPERTY then check the box for SHOW ALL PROPERTIES and search for the CN property.  Select the property then leave the default rights of READ and COMPARE and check the INHERITABLE box.
7.  Select OK then APPLY.
8.  Stop and restart iFolder (STOPIFOLDER | STARTIFOLDER).


The 'Search Subcontainers' box is not enabled when attempting to login with a user in a sub-context.


Login to the iFolder Administration page https://[ipaddress:port]/iFolderServer/Admin, select LDAP, check the box next to 'Search Subcontainers' and click 'Update' to save the changes.  (Be sure to accept the update by clicking 'YES' when prompted with "Are you sure you want to update your LDAP settings?")
Stop and restart iFolder (STOPIFOLDER | STARTIFOLDER).


You can verify whether Search Subcontainers is enabled in your SYS:\APACHE\IFOLDER\SERVER\HTTPD_ADDITIONS_NW.CONF file if there is an * in front of your organizational container in the LdapLoginDnContext settings.
(I.e. LdapLoginDnContext  "*O=novell")


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