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BorderManager and iChain compatibility issue.

(Last modified: 20Apr2006)

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Novell BorderManager


BorderManager and iChain compatibility issue.


There is an incompatibility between attributes from either a BorderManager install or an early version of iChain. BorderManager contains the following attribute:
BRDSRVS:outgoing acl

The resource attribute on the ACL object (shown in the Access Control tab) is named:

LDIF does not read white spaces nor is it case sensitive.  The BorderManager  attribute and the iChain attribute therefore appear to be the same.  The new attribute is either not extended or is not linked properly because it appears to be a duplicate.


Step 1:  To ensure this is the issue you are seeing, launch the Schema Manager from ConsoleOne (Tools | Schema Manager) and click the Attributes tab. You will be able to see BorderManager attribute in the list but not the iChain attribute.  If the iChain attribute exists,  jump to Step 3 below.  Otherwise, download and apply ic23scma.exe or use the workaround below.  Using the .sch file in ic23scma.exe is recommended as any mistake in the steps below will require a NTS dial-in to fix.

Step 2:  You should be able to manually create the necessary attribute with Schema Manager. Launch Schema Manager, click the Attributes tab, and press the Create button. This will launch the Create Attribute wizard. Press next to start the wizard.

Page 1: Enter the attribute name and ASN1 ID as follows. (The name IS case sensitive, so be sure and enter it exactly as written here!)


Page 2: In the Syntax drop down list, select Octet String

Page 3: Check the Synchronize Immediately checkbox, and ensure that all others are unchecked.

Page 4: Ensure that everything is correct in the summary screen and hit next to create the attribute.

Step 3:  You now need to associate this attribute with the ACL rule class. Select the Classes tab from the Schema Manager, select the brdsrvsACLRule class (the one with the ACL Rule picture next to it) and click the Info button. From this screen, press the Add Attribute button. Scroll down the list of available attributes and highlight the newly created brdsrvsOutgoingAcl attribute. Press the right arrow button to move the attribute to the "Add These Attributes" list and press the OK button. You can verify that this worked by going back to the Attributes tab, select the brdsrvsOutgoingAcl attribute and press the Info button. You should now see the brdsrvsACLRule class listed in the "Classes using attribute" list.


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