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How do I change the default IP Address used by 'iFolderClient.exe'

(Last modified: 26May2005)

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How do I change the default IP Address used by 'iFolderClient.exe'


Novell NetWare 6

Novell NetWare 6.5

Novell iFolder 1.01


iFolderClient.exe installs to the client with the wrong IP address.

iFolder was moved from a primary IP address to a secondary IP address.


After installation it was decided that iFolder should use a different IP address, namely a secondary address. The appropriate changes were made to Apache's configuration files so that iFolder could use the new Secondary IP address.

However, when the 'iFolderClient.exe' is downloaded and installed from the server to a workstation it would default to use the Primary IP address, rather than the new Secondary IP address. The 'iFolderClient.exe' executable is built and compiled during the NetWare 6 installation. The IP Address assigned to iFolder during the installation will be hard-coded to this executable.


1). To change the IP address for the iFolderClient executable use the following procedure for NetWare 6.0:

ACTION: Modify 'iFolderClient.exe' IP address

1. Either locally at the server or remotely from a workstation (using Novell Remote Manager or RCONSOLE) establish a connection with the server.

2. At the system console screen load a Utility module called FIXUP.NLM. The syntax for FIXUP.NLM is:

:LOAD FIXUP [Server-IP-Address] [File-To-Fix]

3. For example: The 'iFolderClient.exe' executable needs to be modified to use an IP address of and 'iFolderClient.exe' resides on the server in SYS:\APACHE\IFOLDER\DOCUMENTROOT\.

FIXUP.NLM should be loaded thus:


4. Switch to the "Logger" screen on the server (Screen 2) to ensure that FIXUP loaded and reported no errors.

5. The modified 'iFolderClient.exe' can now be distributed to all users who need it.

2). To change the IP address for the iFolderClient executable use the following procedure for NetWare 6.5:
procedure is the same as for NetWare 6 described above. Just change pathes  to include APACHE2 instead of APACHE

To change the IP address for the iFolderClient executable, use the following procedure for a Linux or Windows server:

/opt/novell/ifolder/bin/fixup SERVERIPORDNS

/opt/novell/ifolder/DocumentRoot/iFolderClient.exe > /dev/null

Users with workstations currently running iFolder should first uninstall, and then re-install iFolder using the new 'iFolderClient.exe'.  Uninstallation is required for removing the registry entries holding the old IP address information.


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