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Get a GWCHECK Audit report to indicate who has not logged into their mailbox.

(Last modified: 13Mar2003)

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Get a GWCHECK Audit report to indicate who has not logged into their mailbox.


GroupWise 6

Support Pack 1 must be applied for the Audit report feature to work.


The Audit feature of GWCHECK for GroupWise 6 does not work as stated, when it comes to POP3 users. Users who access their mailbox exclusively with a POP3 client show up in the GWCHECK log as:

"User reported as inactive"

The reason for this is that the Audit functionality seems to only key off of actions taken on messages. So in other words, a message must be opened or sent in order for GWCHECK to indicate that the user is active. With POP3, users only download their messages, and the fact that they opened is not sent up to the master mailbox, because the user's mailbox does not indicate that any messages were opened, then GWCHECK reports: "User reported as inactive"

Below is the text from the help file with GWCHECK that talks about how the Audit feature in GWCHECK is supposed to work.

Post Offices: Audit Report
Performs an audit of the post office's mailboxes to see 1) which mailboxes require full client licenses and which mailboxes require limited client licenses, and 2) which mailboxes are active (have been accessed at least one time), which ones have never been active, and which ones have been inactive for a specified period of time.
A mailbox requires a full client license (and will be marked as a full client license mailbox) if it has been accessed by any of the following:
The GroupWise® client for Windows* (GRPWISE.EXE)
GroupWise Notify (NOTIFY.EXE) or GroupWise Address Book (ADDRBOOK.EXE)
A third-party plug-in to the GroupWise client API
The Microsoft* Outlook Plug-In for GroupWise 5.5
Microsoft Outlook with the GroupWise client for Windows installed
A mailbox requires a limited client license only (and will be marked as a limited client license mailbox) if access to it has been limited to the following:
The GroupWise WebAccess client (including wireless devices)
A GroupWise client (Windows or WebAccess) via the Proxy feature
A GroupWise client (Windows or WebAccess) via the Busy Search feature
A POP client
An IMAP client


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