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Adding drivers to the Linux session

(Last modified: 28Mar2003)

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Adding drivers to the Linux session


Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 Preboot Services

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

Novell ZENworks Imaging


Linux boot does not get an IP address when using docking station


Linux will try to load the drivers it has in a certain order everytime.  It keeps loading drivers until it finds one that works.  If the one that it finds is not the one you have a cable plugged into, then you will fail to obtain an IP address.  For example, the PCMCIA drivers are always tried first.  If you have the cable plugged into the docking station (where the nic is on the PCI bus), and a PCMCIA nic is in the laptop, the PCMCIA nic will load first.  To see which driver is loaded, at the bash# prompt type  lsmod


You may need to add drivers to the linux boot.  When you add drivers, you need these to be tried first before the built in drivers are tried.

To add drivers to the CDROM boot disk, follow these steps:
1.  Create the CD with the BOOTCD.ISO found in public\zenworks\imaging , but leave the session open (do not finalize the CD)
2.  Next, copy your settings.txt and the following directory structure and file to the root of the CD, and then finalize the CD.
drivers\net\<whateveryourdriveris... for example 3c90x.o>
Whatever drivers are in this directory will be tried first by default.

To add drivers to the Linux.2 file used for PXE booting, follow these instructions using a Linux distribution (ie: RedHat, etc).  Note:  You must first get the linux.2 file from your ZfD server ( sys:public\zenworks\imaging\tftp directory) and put it in a directory on your linux machine (ie: email it to yourself and access it through a browser, ftp, iFolder, etc):
mv linux.2 linux.gz
gzip -d linux.gz
mount -o loop linux /mnt/<mountpoint>   (usually this <mountpoint> is a directory you created, ie - mkdir /mnt/workingdir)
<add driver to /lib/modules/2.4.11/kernel/drivers/net (or wherever it should pcmcia)>
<you need to modify the /bin/driver.conf file to call your driver (it has instructions on how inside the .conf file>
umount /mnt/<mountpoint>
gzip -9c linux > linux.gz
mv linux.gz linux.2

To add drivers to the Floppy boot disks, use the Add Drivers option in the zimgboot GUI found in public\zenworks\imaging


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