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Errors generated when creating User ID through ConsoleOne with a template.

(Last modified: 26Feb2004)

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ConsoleOne 1.3.3


Errors generated when creating User ID through ConsoleOne with a template.

Error: "(Error -601) The object name entered could not be found in the context specified.  Refer to Help for all listings of possible causes and solutions.


When creating NDS objects or reading NDS objects, ConsoleOne is handed an address of a replica from the Novell Client.  The Novell Client randomizes which replica ConsoleOne should talk to.  When creating a User ID with a template, ConsoleOne creates the user ID to ReplicaA, ConsoleOne immediately refers to the template to add additional attributes, ConsoleOne is handed the address of ReplicaB to add the information from the template, ReplicaA hasn't sync'd the information to ReplicaB, and ConsoleOne returns an error.  The error can vary depending on how far the synchronization completed at the time ConsoleOne queried ReplicaB.  Also, this process may be successful depending on which replica was given to ConsoleOne by the Novell Client or how fast NDS synchronized at that particular time.


ConsoleOne and iManager can be run in a mode to force the utility to communication with only one replica and thereby eliminate the problem described above.

- ConsoleOne 1.3.4 and higher:  In this version you can start ConsoleOne with the -forceMaster switch.  This will force ConsoleOne to only read from a master replica.  This version of ConsoleOne is included in eDirectory 8.7.  It is also available as separate download.  One way to implement this switch is by modifying the shortcut icon to read:

DRIVE LETTER:\PATH\ConsoleOne.exe -forceMaster

- iManager 1.5 and higher: by using the "&forceMaster=true" on the URL when logging in. This is shown in the following example:


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