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(Last modified: 26Oct2002)

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Novell ZENworks for Servers 3.0.

Novell Management and Monitoring Services.

Novell Network Discovery .


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The NDS server object is not populated with the same sub-components (Services, Volumes, Files) as the ZFS Site structure has.


SLOADER.NCF was started right after MWSERVER.NCF and NETXPLOR.NCF.  Initial & partial Discovery data from the dynamic NETXPLOR_0.DAT files was stored in the SYBASE database before discovery could complete populating the objects with the discovered details.  Finding or knowing the objects exists is only the first step.  Fleshing out the services and details of the object is the second and will take some time.  The greater the number of objects, the greater the time.  If DISCNODES.TXT is being used, this will speed up knowing about the objects, but some time is still needed to gather the data and services.


Let the MWSERVER.NCF and NETXPLOR.NCF run for a period of time before starting SLOADER.NCF.  If this is not what happened, restore the empty database (If created during the install process.  If not created, re-install the MMS Sybase database and create the empty database.) and start the discovery again.  After discovery has ran for the determined time, run SLOADER.NCF.
Restoring the empty database:
1.  Unload all ZFS  3 modules (TID 10059273).
2.  Move the database files \ZENWORKS\MMS\DB\*.* to a backup location (if you want to keep them).
3.  Restore the \ZENWORKS\MMS\EMPTYDB\ files into the \ZENWORKS\MMS\DB\ directory.
4.  Remark out SLOADER.NCF from the AUTOEXEC.NCF and restart the server.
5.  Let MWSERVER.NCF & NETXPLOR.NCF run for a time, the larger the environment, the longer to let it run.  Running for days would be fine.


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