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Duplicate MAC Addresses and UDP issues with Broadcom B57 and Q57 Cards

(Last modified: 20May2003)

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B57.LAN driver Version 2.3232 7 May 2002 and earlier

Q57.LAN driver

Novell NetWare 6.0 Support Pack 2

Novell NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 5


Duplicate MAC Addresses and UDP issues with Broadcom B57 and Q57 Cards

DHCP not handing out IP Addresses

B57.LAN and Q57.LAN drivers are not correctly signing UDP checksums

B57.LAN and Q57.LAN cards are issuing duplicate MAC addresses

DHCP server not handing out addresses


MAC Address issue: On some servers with the B57/Q57 cards there is a timing issue that causes problems reading the MAC address from the firmware, this causes the card to use a 'default' MAC address. The duplication issue arises when more than one card is used on the same segment.

UDP Checksum issue: In CSP8 (NW51SP5, NW6SP2) Novell corrected an issue with UDP checksums in the TCP/IP stacks for NetWare. Since the older Broadcom driver was written to work around the faulty behavior of the older TCP/IP stack, Novell fixing the TCP/IP stack broke the B57.LAN/Q57.LAN driver.  This problem specifically affects DHCP Server, DNS Server, and any other UDP based service that the server may be providing.


MAC Address issue: The current workaround to ensure that this never occurs in your environment is that you need to force the MAC address to be overriden with a statically defined IP address. Novell recommends that you consult the IEEE website to select an appropriate range of addresses for your server/lan card and check to make sure that this MAC address doesn't exist elsewhere in your organization (it must never exist in the same subnet). Once you have selected a MAC address you will need to use the command line overide argument of "node=

UDP Checksum issue: As a workaround, UDP checksumming on the hardware can disabled on the NIC by adding the CHECKSUM=OFF flag to the end of the FIRST load line of the B57.LAN driver, so that the line looks like this:


where BOARD NAME and SLOT NUMBER are the appropriate values.

If you are using INETCFG.NLM for your LAN configuration then you will need to manually edit the LOAD line in the NETINFO.CFG file.  If you do so,  remember to modify the NETINFO.CHK file and change the value to 0; otherwise, INETCFG will consider the NETINFO.CFG corrupt.

The above fix will work for Q57.LAN.


Broadcom Engineering has been notified of this issue


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