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Tips and Tricks in Troubleshooting iManager 1.5

(Last modified: 24Jan2003)

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Tips and Tricks in Troubleshooting iManager 1.5


An error occurs while using iManager


iManager is a complex environment.  This document will give some good starting points to look at when troubleshooting errors received in iManager.

Web browser:
What version of browser is being used?
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later is the recommended browser
- Netwscape 6.2 or later can be used in simple mode only
--- Simple mode is accessed by going to http://serveraddress:port/eMFrame/Simple.html
I.E. (on Netware)

Is SSL setup and working correctly for the browser?
- Are you using HTTP or HTTPS?  For HTTPS, SSL/NTLS must be working.
-- Try going to http://serveraddress:8008 (on Netware)
-- Try going to https://serverip:8009 (on Netware or 443 on Windows/Unix)

Web server:
Can you reach the web server port?
--Default Ports:
---Windows/Unix: 80 or (8000)
---Netware with Enterprise Server: 51080/51443
---Netware with Apache: 80/443
---Netware must go through port 2200 by default

Check for port conflicts.  In NDSiMonitor, check configuration management.
For Win32, check the HTTP stack object / other tab for configuration settings. 

Web app server / Java servlet Gateway:
Is the Tomcat port bound?
--Port 8080 for Win32
--Type java -show in Netware.  There should be one and only one Tomcat thread.

Can you get the iManager login screen? 
Tomcat is required in order to get the login screen, however tomcat is not fully used yet at this point.

Is the Jakarta / Apache / IIS service running for Win32?

If install fails, set Java environment variables and reinstall.  Tomcat must know where to find Jclient.
On NW – tomcat\bin\tomcat33.ncf – initializes Tomcat

Webaccess / Emframe:
Are the /webaccess/emframe files and directories present?
Check for case sensitivity

Is Java running?
On NW6, check the logger screen for jclient errors.
Jclient on UNIX uses NICI.  Is NICI working?

HTTP Stack:
On NW, is HTTPSTK.NLM loaded?
Set SADMIN password.  Allow access to NRM/ndsimon without eDir available by holding password in an encrypted file on the server.
NW – Access NRM, configure button, set sadmin password.
Win32 – https://serverip:8010/dhost - set sadmin password.

In NDS iMonitor check Agent Configuration for bound ports that are bound to SOAP.
Make sure embox.nlm / embox.dlm are running.

For additional information on eDirectory 8.7, please see the following solution.  NOVL81742  - eDirectory 8.7 Readme Addendum


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