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Updates to ZENworks for Desktops 4 (ZfD4)

(Last modified: 22Nov2005)

This document (10077083) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.


Updates to ZENworks for Desktops 4 (ZfD4)

Updates to ZENworks Web Self-Service


Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 SP1

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4 SP1b

Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1


22 Nov 2005 - Interim Release 7 (zfd401_ir7.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1135.50926 dated 18 Oct 2005

Server Details:
zenver.exe = Novell ZENworks for Desktops version 4.0.1, Interim Release 7

TID 10088422 - Explorer.exe crash in comctl32.dll on ZfD3.2 and ZfD4x
TID 10097878 - Memory leak in NCPL.NLM
TID 10096675 - After installing the ZfD Agent, Odessey no longer works
TID 10097456 - Error importing an AXT application object with TS requirements
TID 10097462 - NALDesk has a memory leak
TID 10098293 - The user drops out of NLS Metered List when the user exits one metered Application
TID 10095083 - "Problem: Application Launcher NT Service was not found to run the application as system user."
TID 10097955 - Group Policies fail to apply when autoadminlogon is configured and lgnw32.exe is run to login
TID 10097017 - Novell Client does not dynamically add the user SID to the registry
TID 10097008 - PCMCIA/Cardbus NIC does not work with ZfD401 IR6
TID 10095882 - Middle Tier stops processing requests after getting WAM or ISAPI errors.
TID 10096074 - Application runs at the GMT time but does not run at the respective time zone time
TID 10096871 - NullPointerException for Workstation Import Service
TID 10094790 - Error loading zfdamrservlet.war file in Tomcat 4.1.30 version with NW65SP2
TID 10096787 - NAL refresh during heavy NAL activity causes WMRUNDLL.EXE error
TID 10096797 - Apps installed via Site List are not uninstalled properly.
TID 10096944 - Unable to image workstations that have the 3c90x ethernet controller.
TID 10097555 - Attribute request for "," (with quotes) in ZAPPLIB.LOG
TID 10097673 - Novell Application Launcher goes offline randomly
TID 10096440 - ASP Pages will not display when Middle Tier ISAPI filter is loaded
TID 10095253 - No informational messages being logged to the Xtier debug log


11 Mar 2005 - Interim Release 6 (zfd401_ir6.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1131.50307 dated 7 Mar 2005.

NAL Details:
NALNTSRV.EXE version dated 15 Jan 2004                         
ZENAPPWS.DLL version dated  1 Feb 2005             
NALEXPEX.DLL version dated 5 May 2003                           
NALEXP32.DLL version dated 30 May 2003                
NALDESK.EXE version dated  14 Feb 2005                
NALWIN32.EXE version dated 13 Aug 2004              
NALEXPRS.DLL version dated  14 Feb 2005              
ZENLITE.DLL version dated  1 Feb 2005 

Server Details:
zenver.exe = Novell ZENworks for Desktops version 4.0.1, Interim Release 6

TID 10095342 - NAL does not launch after upgrading to XPsp2
TID 10083061 - Error: "ZENWorks Middle Tier Server failed to return file vitals application
TID 10091152 - NAL does not terminate properly when rebooting server
TID 10092869 - Macro in App Object has approximately 260 character limit on Path value
TID 10096893 - ASA Error -131 error when STR is being processed
TID 10095223 - Novell ZFD Remote Management service is stuck
TID 10095125 - PXE hangs with Dell Latitude
TID 10093239 - RPM message appears inconsistently with hyper-threaded CPU
TID 10094994 - ZfD4 IR5 floppy imaging prompts for 5th disk
TID 10095918 - Upgrading the agent from ZFD401_Ir4 to ZFD401_IR5 breaks the loading of Applications
TID 10097305 - Workstation Manager doesn't recognize a Middle Tier connection established after system startup
TID 10094535 - Application chain is not uninstalling if workstation object is disassociated from app.
TID 10095947 - Selecting e-mail from Help Contacts truncates the first character in the email address
TID 10096442 - Unable to unlock workstation with the ZENWorks Agent
TID 10095710 - Verify is not showing up for non-Administrative users
TID 10092570 - Unable to Remote Wakeup Workstation with Mulitiple NICs
TID 10094402 - When creating multiple multicast sessions
TID 10095523 - Unable to remote control user on agent-only workstation
TID 10094768 - The Inventory Service Manager on a Windows 2000 Server stops during user log off
TID 10094536 - Verifying an MSI application prompts for a reboot

The above list of issues fixed is in progress..

17 Sept 2004 - Interim Release 5 (zfd401_ir5.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1114.40909 dated 9 Sept 2004.

NAL Details:
NALNTSRV.EXE version dated 15 Jan 2004
ZENAPPWS.DLL version dated 23 Feb 2004
NALEXPEX.DLL version dated 5 May 2003
NALEXP32.DLL version dated 30 May 2003
NALDESK.EXE version dated 13 Aug 2004
NALWIN32.EXE version dated 13 Aug 2004
NALEXPRS.DLL version dated 26 Aug 2004
ZENLITE.DLL version dated 26 Aug 2004

Server Details:
zenver.exe = Novell ZENworks for Desktops version 4.0.1, Interim Release 5

TID 10091568 - Application Object title is being truncated at unpredictable lengths
TID 10091528 - Registry keys lose dashes when imported
TID 10064313 - Can't use 256 color icons for applications
TID 10088966 - Uninstall options are invalid on some App Object types
TID 10091123 - Virtual CD creation wizard marks two directories up as hidden
TID 10093423 - Cannot modify eDir objects on a ZfD401 system when schema for ZENworks 6.5 Suite
TID 10092269 - Cisco Aironet Leap Wireless NIC fails to authenticate users
TID 10087581 - Client system tray icon re-appears after installing the Agent
TID 10087799 - Cannot load dynamic link library for \wmnetp.dll
TID 10092134 - When launching an application that has multiple dependancies in the chain it take a long time to run
TID 10092135 - If you try to uninstall an Add-On image with the nalwin32.exe /L <appname> it will not uninstall
TID 10092331 - Possible NAL crash when app is associated to  a group that contains a "group description" of more than 248 charachters.
TID 10092313 - Pre-distribution scripts do not run after applying Interim Release 4
TID 10092287 - NAL may not run the correct application, when an app with a similar name is in the same directory
TID 10091681 - Application Reg Settings causing NAL to get in refresh loop
TID 10092874 - NAL Fault Tolerance fails over to secondary path, but also delivers an error that the original path could not be found
TID 10092291 - Chained application terminates prematurely
TID 10091945 - Default value for Enable login option from Launcher Config doesn't work
TID 10094598 - Delay in launching NAL chained apps
TID 10092132 - If your middle-tier server looses connection to the eDirectory server during a NAL refresh applications might uninstall on the workstations
TID 10089829 - Error: "Network function not supported"
TID 10088369 - Unable to load Linux kernel on Serial ATA Drives
TID 10094287 - MyApps.html doesn't work correctly in a web browser frame when delivered through an exteNd Portal session
TID 10073062 - Add-On Images do not retain NTFS security
TID 10092131 - When you set up Random Refresh the initialization of the desktops takes a long time for NAL to read the cache
TID 10091097 - Error: "1456: The agent failed to read information from the eDirectory Server. Verify that the workstation object is valid and the Middle Tier server is up and running."
TID 10092346 - Agent install is adding the NAL Window and Explorer to the Startup folder
TID 10092535 - Applications uninstall when launching an application from a site list at a remote site
TID 10092461 - If NAL is used as the windows shell, and apps are marked force run, they may launch before the NAL window is drawn, and can be hidden behind the window
TID 10092801 - ZENWorks application launcher causes an application error and shuts down if using a pre-launch script and you remove the "show progress" option
TID 10089683 - Middle Tier server blue screen in NDS4NT.SYS
TID 10093389 - Imaging server fails to read workstation imaging object attributes
TID 10092292 - ZWSREG is prompting for credentials
TID 10092872 - Force Run, Workstation Associated Apps cause NAL to refresh infinitely
TID 10092776 - Unable to verify add-on applications when disconnected
TID 10092790 - Force Run Applications delievered through a Site List are re-executing every 30 seconds
TID 10092293 - High CPU utilization during Remote Control session
TID 10091969 - "1891: Internal Error " when starting Remote Control
TID 10093345 - An extra file REGISTRY.ORG created when modifying an User GroupPolicy
TID 10093116 - If you get the auto-verify prompt on an application that has an MSI install app chained to it, it will fail ..
TID 10090767 - ZENworks Imaging Server (ZIS) corrupts NDS
TID 10089312 - Unable to add more than 13 or 14 paths in the "Upload Restrictions" screen, in the Imaging Policy
TID 10092571 - NAL apps are disappearing randomly
TID 10093287 - MSI App delivered through Site List uses Source MSI not from local Site
TID 10093287 - Workstation Associated Apps disappear when you switch to Working Offline
TID 10093411 - With patch ZfD4SP1bAgentP1 the /TIME parameter to delay the startup of NAL was re-introduced. This works for NALDESK, but not for NALWIN32
TID 10082194 - Enabling Workstation Manager Refresh in NetIdentity settings does not refresh
TID 10088670 - ZIMGDBG.LOG looks for ZUPDATE.ZIG in SYS after being installed to a clustered volume
TID 10093930 - Terminal Server Group Policies stop applying
TID 10093118 - If you "Work Offline" with Application Explorer the NAL folder icons don't change to Offline Icons
TID 10093695 - /ND switch doesn't bypass the Dialup connection prompt
TID 10093589 - NAL comes up offline even though you got logged into the middle tier server
TID 10079889 - NALDESK.EXE goes into a refresh loop if Lotus Notes client version 5 or 6 is running on the workstation
TID 10092458 - File Date requirements are incorrect past March 28 2004
TID 10092304 - Error "Failed to cache application <dn of app>.  Error code was 2"
TID 10093798 - Upgrading Zen agents from 3.2 to 4.01 causes extra WAN traffic
TID 10093066 - Error:  Could not launch URL - APP.context (ID=0)  Problem:  Application Launcher NT Service was not found to run the application as system user
TID 10092319 - PDHCP stops working on a Windows 2000 Server intermitantly
TID 10092290 - Error "Directory not found in AVL tree"
TID 10092506 - When using -importws switch with zwsreg, workstation is not imported when the import container has  Swedish/German character in it
TID 10094356 - Installation of myapps.html gives errors when using Windows XP SP2
TID 10094357 - Right click on a desktop where NAL is installed disables NAL options such as "Verify" and "Properties"
TID 10092352 - Cannot add multiple values of the same name to an INI file in an Application
TID 10093855 - ZISView command line parameters don't work. Result is always a string with special characters or a empty string
TID 10090994 - Novell Client login errors after installing ZENworks Management Agent
TID 10094259 - Software scan should not exclude the C:\ZENworks directory
TID 10092222 - Inventory Sync Service does not remove workstation records from database
TID 10093115 - STR Converter process does not work on NW 6.5 running JVM 1.4.1_02
TID 10093381 - Memory leak on ZFD Inventory Leaf servers that do not have a database
TID 10091628 - Taskbar disappears after remote control session
TID 10085315 - Memory leak in NAL and wmrundll.exe
TID 10095153 - ZENworks Remote Control Help can be used to launch application with system rights.
TID 10093079 - ZENWorks Application Launcher can launch foreign applications as unsecure or secure system user.
TID 10093372 - User Policy management fails after installing NW60sp5.

23 Jun 2004 - Interim Release 4a (zfd401_ir4a.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1093.40329 dated 29 Mar 2004.

NAL Details:
NALNTSRV.EXE version dated 1 Jan 2004
ZENAPPWS.DLL version dated 23 Feb 2004
NALEXPEX.DLL version dated 5 May 2003
NALEXP32.DLL version dated 30 May 2003
NALDESK.EXE version dated 9 Mar 2004
NALWIN32.EXE version dated 17 Dec 2003
NALEXPRS.DLL version dated 25 Mar 2004
ZENLITE.DLL version dated 25 Mar 2004

Server Details:
zenver.exe = Novell ZENworks for Desktops version 4.0.1, Interim Release 4a

TID 10093423 - Cannot modify eDir objects on a ZfD401 system when schema for ZENworks 6.5 Suite has been extended in the tree. 

31 Mar 2004 - Interim Release 4 (zfd401_ir4.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1093.40329 dated 29 Mar 2004.

NAL Details:
NALNTSRV.EXE version dated 1 Jan 2004
ZENAPPWS.DLL version dated 23 Feb 2004
NALEXPEX.DLL version dated 5 May 2003
NALEXP32.DLL version dated 30 May 2003
NALDESK.EXE version dated 9 Mar 2004
NALWIN32.EXE version dated 17 Dec 2003
NALEXPRS.DLL version dated 25 Mar 2004
ZENLITE.DLL version dated 25 Mar 2004

Server Details:
zenver.exe = Novell ZENworks for Desktops version 4.0.1, Interim Release 4

TID 10087605 - BSOD if verifier.exe monitors remote control files
TID 10087202 - "Local Profile Newer" message with volatile Dynamic Local User and Roaming Profiles, when password expires
TID 10090761 - Application with “set to force cache” are cached on the workstation while system requirements are not meet.
TID 10090942 - Search Policy is walking the tree
TID 10090551 - Group policy loopback support fails in a Terminal Server session
TID 10090401 - Blue Screen on machine with Lotus Notes & ZENworks for Desktops Management Agent.
TID 10090136 - Distribution scripts are mislabeled after November patch
TID 10090090 - Unable to install ZENworks for Desktop 4.01
TID 10090048 - Error:  Decompression error occurred
TID 10090058 - Common wallpaper is not being applied if DNS/servername is in the UNC path.
TID 10089859 - Desktop preferences in Windows 9x policy do not apply
TID 10081572 - The Novell ZENworks Management Agent login screen displays when workstation is disconnected from the network and logs in.
TID 10090940 - Workstation NAL apps disappear randomly
TID 10090664 - Application Launcher hangs if workstation associated Applications with enabled
TID 10090941 - Pre- and Post-Distribution Scripts don't run on MSI Application objects
TID 10088100 - ZENworks imaging doesn't work on machines with Adaptec Ultra 320 SCSI Controllers
TID 10090236 - Printer policy fails to deliver to workstation if ZFDagent 4.01 agent is intalled.
TID 10089522 - DTS.NLM does not appear to release unlicensed eDir workstation connection to replica server.
TID 10089439 - Installing Management Agent causes W98SE roaming profiles to be read from/written to different location.
TID 10088422 - Explorer.exe crash in comctl32.dll on ZfD3.2 and ZfD4x
TID 10086480 - Scheduled actions for shutdown fail
TID 10088983 - When editing the Group Policy through ConsoleOne, the dosbox with title gpupdate, doesn't close automatically
TID 10088881 - The Group Policy setting GROUP POLICY SNAPIN set to disable, prevents the Microsoft Management Console to configure the Group Policy
TID 10088965 - Agent only DLU is not synching Full Name and Description from eDirectory
TID 10089087 - Toshiba TE2300 Laptops cannot boot Linux kernel.
TID 10088428 - CHKDSK Reports Errors After Restoring an Image File
TID 10084240 - Internet Explorer settings in a Windows Group Policy don't work during a Terminal Server session
TID 10083512 - Error: exited with status -3
TID 10089199 - Cannot amend MSI source path in application object
TID 10090939 - Application Site List does not work on agent only workstations
TID 10090707 - Application set as unsecure system user does not use the parameters
TID 10090302 - %*WINSYSDIR% not working in System Requirements
TID 10088666 - Randomly Dispatch runs at startup
TID 10087535 - The Microsoft Domain field is missing after installing the ZFD4 Agent.
TID 10089970 - When Nalwin32 is running as shell the system doesn't power off.
TID 10088853 - Workstation associated applications don't show up when disconnected.
TID 10088747 - Files with a name longer than 126 characters, including path, are not deleted by NAL.
TID 10088732 - NAL crashes when 34 character folder name exists in NALCACHE.
TID 10087172 - Group Policy Security settings are being applied when not configured.
TID 10086460 - Duplicated entries in a text file distributed with a NAL application fails.
TID 10088990 - Application Chain attribute becomes corrupt and unchangable.
TID 10090371 - Memory leak in WM.EXE
TID 10089683 - Middle Tier server blue screen in NDS4NT.SYS
TID 10086266 - Java_1630 ZenSocketBuffer error
TID 10091333 - Error: "ASA Error -158: Value -1 out of range for destination ErrorCode:220."
TID 10084453 - NAL application icons do not retain their position on the desktop.
TID 10090708 - Error: "SWbemLocator: The application called an interface that was marshalled for a different thread.
TID 10087885 - Your local profile is newer than your roaming profile after changing password.
TID 10091089 - Errors when renewing TCP/IP address via DHCP with the ZENworks Desktop Agent installed
TID 10090927 - In ConsoleOne within the properties of the application folder, the subfolders are not displayed sorted.
TID 10090891 - All inherited Applications is not showing all application the user inherits.
TID 10091816 - Comctl32.dll crashes explorer.exe when NAL refreshes using the webview of NAL
TID 10091560 - System Availability check for "Pentium IV" does not work
TID 10091817 - D036 error is non-recoverable
TID 10091359 - Error: "Workstation Helper is not responding" in the F2 easter egg debug screen.
TID 10091732 - NalNTsrv.exe is crashing during the refresh of NAL
TID 10091149 - Unable to install ZFD4sp1bservrU3.exe to a clustered volume
TID 10090299 - File Transfer is changing the dates of files
TID 10089689 - ZENTCAS Service is removed from Settings Control Panel after install of ZfDAgent.msi post ZfD4.0.1
TID 10089380 - Parameters in Scheduled Action are truncated
TID 10089595 - Workstation Identification keys are lost when applying the ZFD4SP1BAGENTU3 Agent
TID 10092368 - "Unknown Device" in ZfD4 SP1 HW inventory log file
TID 10092225 - Workstation freeze after returning from locked desktop
TID 10092562 - "Copy if newer" overwrites older files when using Middle Tier
TID 10092563 - Unable to push User Rights Assignments to an XP workstation via Group Policies
TID 10092564 - Nal crashes when selecting ZENworks middle tier login from Nal icon in systray
TID 10092565 - Management Agent will not upgrade on Windows NT
TID 10092566 - Multicast session aborts when the last file on the image is marked deleted
TID 10092567 - NAL shortcut is removed from Startup group for non-English agents during upgrade
TID 10092568 - Verify of the Agent app causes the Agent gina to be replaced with the MS gina
TID 10090303 - Groupwise errors after installing the ZfD Management agent
TID 10090804 - Unable to save file as a .dat in PXE Menu Editor
TID 10090760 - Slow NAL refresh
TID 10091521 - Workstation Manager and DHCP option 85 with the registry setting Preferred Connection causing problems in multi tree environment
TID 10091120 - AuthXtier realm when going to login-xtier / nsadmin url
TID 10091711 - Unable to import Windows Terminal server with the Agent dated 11/17/03
TID 10091581 - Agent Only Passive Mode needs a way to set "Workstation Only" to on in registry
TID 10090921 - Misleading message when using force-cache
TID 10089440 - Uninstalling Management Agent on W98SE removes Novell logon
TID 10086045 - PXESTART.NCF loads the files twice


23 Dec 2003 - (zwss_p2.exe)

TID 10088260 - Error: "RegQueryValueEx: UserDn 0"
TID 10087179 - Error: "The launching plug-in has not been found on your system, your application cannot be launched."
TID 10088001 - Application launch becomes slow when adding a new terminal server to DeFrame tab
TID 10087395 - Launching a second application from Portal opens another Terminal Server session
TID 10086530 - Application icons show up as the default icon after an assignment is made in
TID 10084448 - ICA Application will not launch from Portal
TID 10084623 - Upgrade to ICA web client version 7.x via LaunchItemGadget fails

19 Nov 2003 - (zfd4sp1bagentu3.exezfd4sp1bservru3.exe)
Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1043 dated 17 Nov 2003.

NAL Details:
NALNTSRV.EXE version dated 9 Sept 2003
ZENAPPWS.DLL version dated 25 Aug 2003
NALEXPEX.DLL version dated 5 May 2003
NALEXP32.DLL version dated 30 May 2003
NALDESK.EXE version dated 10 Nov 2003
NALWIN32.EXE version dated 10 Nov 2003
NALEXPRS.DLL version dated 10 Nov 2003
ZENLITE.DLL version dated 10 Nov 2003

Server Details:
zenver.exe = Novell ZENworks for Desktops version 4.0.1, Update 3

TID 10087107 - Error in Data Export when using System Identification.Name as query and Application.Name as a displayed data field.
TID 10085376 - Remote Control causes high utilization on a Frame Relay link
TID 10087055 - Remote Control mouse problems with ZfD4
TID 10086187 - Logging off "locked" users terminate Remote Control
TID 10084147 - ZfD4 Agent and pcAnywhere 10.5 cause PC to Blue-Screen Windows
TID 10087759 - Slow NAL startup or refresh
TID 10086916 - Show Inherited Apps for User not accurate when Container has both user & ws app assoc to it.
TID 10084447 - "Already processing " when trying to run multiple NAL apps
TID 10086183 - Changes from previous Group Policy are applied to other Group Policy.
TID 10084920 - Ultimaco settings not applied in XP Group Policies.
TID 10088246 - Printers are deleted and recreated on each reboot
TID 10081617 - Dependent application is not processed until parent application has the version
TID 10087521 - Environment Variable doesn't work in IMPORTWS regkey
TID 10086105 - Set Default Document Directory to H:\My Documents' is not applying on the workstations.
TID 10087501 - Unable to delete or modify Extensible Policy .ADM file list
TID 10087601 - Workstation Manager resolves the workstation object in e-Directory thorugh the mechanism top down
TID 10087630 - When creating an application as an existing object in a empty container the application name is appended with a #1.
TID 10087661 - Enable "Reading From Removeable Cache" in Launcher Config Disables Work Offline option on the workstation.
TID 10086755 - Error: "Page cannot be displayed" when launching ZfD4 NAL web app.
TID 10076936 - NAL Over Dailup unable to go into disconnected mode.
TID 10088027 - DLU does not reset the local user back to non-volatile when changing the DLU policy.
TID 10088071 - Applications w/synced GUIDs uninstall after X number of days
TID 10022168 - Rights Needed to Manage NAL Applications
TID 10087845 - COPYPOL.EXE with option /R does not keep the ACL´s
TID 10087948 - Error: "Novell Desktop Management is already running."
TID 10088889 - Cannot start multiple remote control sessions when running desktop4.exe from a server
TID 10088519 - Inventory Storer stops processing at random intervals.

24 Sept 2003 - (zfd4sp1bagentp2.exezfd4sp1bservrp2.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1029 dated 19 Sept 2003.

NAL Details:
NALNTSRV.EXE version dated 9 Sept 2003
ZENAPPWS.DLL version dated 25 Aug 2003
NALEXPEX.DLL version dated 5 May 2003
NALEXP32.DLL version dated 30 May 2003
NALDESK.EXE version dated 9 Sept 2003
NALWIN32.EXE version dated 25 Aug 2003
NALEXPRS.DLL version dated 15 Sept 2003
ZENLITE.DLL version dated 15 Sept 2003

TID 10085449 - Inventory scanner not picking up Client Internal Version.
TID 10085422 - Inventory Roll up to Oracle Database is slow to process .str files
TID 10086729 - Mobile AMD Athlon XP (1800) CPU is reported as AMD Athlon in Inventory.
TID 10086963 - Installing ZfD Agent without Remote Management component deletes LDMS Remote Control service.
TID 10085205 - Group Policies are not applying after ZfD4.0.1 / ZfD4sp1 is applied
TID 10082214 - Reporting failures to MSSQL databases with NAL reporting doesn't work
TID 10082217 - Mandatory user profile will be deleted and new created during local login
TID 10075106 - File copy fails through the ZfD4 MidTier if containing &
TID 10079889 - NALDESK.EXE goes into a refresh loop if Lotus Notes client version 5 or 6
TID 10083518 - Install Only setting changed after modifying reporting properties of mutiple
TID 10084304 - Error: "An error has occurred in the script on this page."
TID 10084311 - ZFD PXE Logging cannot be disabled
TID 10084064 - Error:  "Bad file entry encountered. Try running CHKDSK"
TID 10083745 - Extracting files with IMGEXP adds ReadOnly file attribute
TID 10077917 - Missing files after restoring an image to an international workstation.
TID 10082705 - Dependent applications do not get the correct rights
TID 10085222 - 1612 error when using environment variable in UNC path of MSI.
TID 10084512 - NT Client Config Policy not working after ZFD4SP1b Agent install or newer.
TID 10077083 - COPYPOL.EXE drops jobs when running in a batch.
TID 10077052 - "Install Program As Other User" when deploying iPrint policy
TID 10083744 - Multicasting images from a NetWare server is slow
TID 10084714 - The ZENworks for Desktops 4 agents breaks the cached group policies of a full MS environment
TID 10085374 - Workstation Group Policies only apply one time
TID 10080445 - When creating an application object with an AXT file from an exported object, the icon and scripts get lost.
TID 10083857 - Group Policy allowable URL's are not saved
TID 10085399 - ZfD4 Iprint Policy installing multiple instances of HP 4100 Series printers default copies 200+
TID 10084978 - Login delays after the ZFD4 Agent is installed and using Passive Mode.
TID 10077582 - Error: "Failed to cache application <APP>.  Error Code was D033
TID 10083352 - Exporting registry settings from an application object that are marked "delete" are omitted from the .REG file.
TID 10084338 - Zenwsimp.log and Zenwsrem.log files are filling up the sys volume.. (never cleans up)
TID 10084621 - Force Run add-on image apps produce error
TID 10085281 - AlwaysInstallElevated is not being reset back to 0 by NAL
TID 10085341 - Workstation is reimaging after a reboot
TID 10085307 - Error: "Program terminated due to internal segmentation fault. Error 200"
TID 10085053 - Multicast image from Imaging Server receives an "UNKNOWN ERROR 4083"
TID 10085606 - Can't start the Application Launcher, after launching a thick Application from the Portal
TID 10086306 - Terminal Server path doesn't allow for environment variables
TID 10087499 - Nal crashes when NAL apps are distributing to the workstation
TID 10085852 - Unable to run programs at user login from a Group Policy
TID 10087522 - NAL is unable to delete registry keys
TID 10081617 - Dependent application is not processed until parent application has the version
TID 10085422 - Inventory Roll up to Oracle Database is slow to process .STR files
TID 10083018 - Incorrect parameters passed to application by NALWIN32
TID 10088854 - Mirror driver failed to install after install of "Need For Speed" game software.
TID 10089968 - Links are being left in application object.
TID 10092779 - DirectX applications do not work with Mirror Driver from ZfD4sp1b
TID 10086330 - "Run" command in taskbar and Win2000 Terminal Server Group Policies
TID 10085842 - Running ZENworks Inventory manually


20 Aug 2003 - (zfd401_nw65)

TID 10083888 - Support for ZENworks 6 Suite components on NetWare 6.5

18 July 2003 - (ZfD4SP1bAgentP1a)
Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1016 dated 18 Jul 2003.

NAL Details:
NALNTSRV.EXE version dated 5 May 2003
ZENAPPWS.DLL version dated 5 May 2003
NALEXPEX.DLL version dated 5 May 2003
NALEXP32.DLL version dated 30 May 2003
NALDESK.EXE version dated 30 May 2003
NALWIN32.EXE version dated 5 May 2003
NALEXPRS.DLL version dated 15 Jul 2003
ZENLITE.DLL version dated 15 Jul 2003

TID 10085205 - Group Policies are not applying after ZfD4.0.1 / ZfD4sp1 is applied.
TID 10084723 - ZFD4SP1b or ZFD401 agent breaks Group Policies on XP.
TID 10084851 - NAL Window crashes when new application force runs on auto refresh.
TID 10082217 - Mandatory user profile will be deleted and new created during  local login.
TID 10084074 - INI settings are only processing first line of each section if you are a Power.
TID 10085221 - Profiles are not being removed when volatile user is set in DLU Policy.
TID 10085230 - Network Address on Workstation Object is blank after upgrading ZFD4.0.1 agent to ZfD4SP1bAgentP1.exe.
TID 10083169 - Group Policy Security Settings are not being copied up to the server correctly.
TID 10083169 - User Group Policies aren't applied everytime
TID 10083974 - New Search Policy does not take affect
TID 10081823 - E-mail address not populated correctly when clicking "E-mail" button under "Help Contacts" of a NAL Application

24 June 2003 - (ZWSSServerP1)

TID 10080203 - DeFrame not passing user info when an ICA session is opened before NAL launches.
TID 10081312 - Passthrough authentication not working when encryption set higher than Basic.
TID 10083357 - plugin in the DeFrame Setup.exe has an expired certificate as of 4/13/03.

20 June 2003 - (ZfD4SP1bAgentP1)

TID 10082471 - Error: "Create overlay failed. Please lower your screen resolution or color."
TID 10082368 [no longer available] - PDesk.exe causes runtime error when ZFD4 SP1 agent is installed.
TID 10083758 - Profile is left open when logging out.
TID 10081940 - NAL switch for delay ( /TIME ) is not available in ZfD4.
TID 10084448 [no longer available] - ICA Application will not launch from Portal.

20 June 2003 - (ZfD4SP1bServerP1)

TID 10081080 - High utilization on Sybase server, while inventory storer is storing data to the database.
TID 10081532 - WM:User History attribute continues to grow with a large number of values
TID 10083199 - Top Navigation bar on "MyApps" Web Application cannot be disabled
TID 10082775 - Error: "Installing ZENworks for Desktops. Please wait..." when loading MyApps.html in browser frame.
TID 10083639 [no longer available] - Error: "bcm5700.o: unresolved symbol printk" error when doing an insmod.
TID 10081712 [no longer available] - ZENworks for Desktops reports show information from deleted workstation objects.
TID 10082873 - Focus is not returned to the AO's properties

23 April 2003 - (ZfD4SP1b.exe)
Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1002 dated 22 Apr 2003.

NAL Details:
NALNTSRV.EXE version dated 24 Mar 2003
ZENAPPWS.DLL version dated 24 Mar 2003
NALEXPEX.DLL version dated 24 Mar 2003
NALEXP32.DLL version dated 24 Mar 2003
NALDESK.EXE version dated 24 Mar 2003
NALWIN32.EXE version dated 24 Mar 2003
NALEXPRS.DLL version dated 22 Apr 2003
ZENLITE.DLL version dated 22 Apr 2003

Server Details:
zenver.exe = Novell ZENworks for Desktops version 4.0.1

TID 10082293 - Launching Application from NAL causes up to 6 MB of disk space to disappear
TID 10082032 - ZFD Agent causes IE to open authentication pages very slow (1 minute delay)
TID 10081599 - Mouse and Keyboard fail on Windows NT/2K/XP workstation after ZfD Agent uninstall
TID 10077083 - Server Based Multicast imaging session doesn't work
TID 10073414 - Uninstall of ZFD4 workstation associated apps does not get reported
TID 10073420 - NAL hangs or service is stopped when replacing text through Text Files

27 March 2003 - (ZfD4Patch4a.exe)

TID 10079895 - TFTP.NLM not allowing TFTP uploads
TID 10078332 - Workstation loses IP connectivity
TID 10079665 - When importing workstations, the import service is creating traffic over a WAN link for DS info
TID 10079799 - Duplicate NAL icons show in ALL folder
TID 10076690 - Custom Desktop Folders Extensible Policy will not apply
TID 10078529 - WindowS XP Group Policy Security deactivation/rename of the Guest or Administrator are not applied
TID 10079880 - Flag=**Unknown** 536870912 (20000000) in the [Application Flags] section of an AXT
TID 10080008 - Not all force run applications get executed
TID 10079920 - Not able to register/import workstation with token ring NIC
TID 10079867 - Creating %systemroot%\profiles\.000, .001, .002 directories
TID 10079556 - Server user profile will be created while running over a slow link
TID 10079719 - "Run after Termination" script doesn't run with DS 8.7 installed
TID 10076165 - GroupWise modules fail with public symbol errors when loading after ZfD4 Middle Tier.
TID 10074214 - GroupWise 6 and ZENworks for Desktops 4 Mid-Tier components can't load on the same server.
TID 10079100 - When distributing files thru NAL, workstation timestamps are incorrect.
TID 10077053 - ZfD4 NAL launch/refresh is very slow
TID 10080118 - Variables or Macros don't work in the path to the reporting log file
TID 10079872 - ConsoleOne terminates with "Runtime Error!" when exporting NAL Registry settings
TID 10077884 - NAL icons are in semi-random order after ZEN 4 Agent install
TID 10080411 - NETSCP.EXE does not get stopped in the EXCEPTION LIST for Rogue Processes
TID 10075870 - Group Policy Editor (GPEDIT.MSC) does not properly display enabled policies
TID 10079335 - Cannot access NetStorage files after installing ZfD4 agent
TID 10080246 - Local profiles don't get deleted when logging into a domain, using zfd roaming profiles, and DeleteRoamingCache
TID 10078275 - Default policy is enabled when user is not connected to the network
TID 10080738 - ZfD4 AWI Service fails to respond when Administrator logs off of W2K Server
TID 10080339 - License Metering not reporting application still in use to NLS if still running
TID 10078155 - NAL icons in QuickLaunch show as default Windows icons
TID 10080833 - COPYPOL.EXE does not probably overwrite existing policies
TID 10076917 - COPYPOL.EXE runs into a runtime error
TID 10079108 - Snapshot does not capture (Default) registry value correctly when it is a DWORD
TID 10081570 - ZfD4 Mouse and Keyboard lock do not function on Windows 98 SE workstation..

4 February 2003  - (ZfD4Patch3.exe)

TID 10073751 - ZD32PXNW.EXE is causing a problem where IBM Netvista boxes are hanging on boot
TID 10070502 - When you boot with new DINIC.SYS (2/13/02) or newer, IBM NetVista machines are constantly rebooting.
TID 10075905 - Booting a PXE boot disk (PXE_On_Disk) for a Dell GX1 with a 3c905 nic card will hang the machine.
TID 10076628 - The imaging engine won't load on some PC's
TID 10076630 - PXE Boot hangs when loading the kernel
TID 10079895 - TFTP.NLM not allowing TFTP uploads
TID 10078033 - Timeout when trying to download files from the TFTP server

28 January 2003 - (ZfD4Patch2a.exe)

TID 10077393 - Cannot use double-quotes (") in extensible policies. The quote string will not -
TID 10075754 - "Program Terminated Due To Internal Segmentation Fault."
TID 10077299 - AutoAdminLogon with ZFD4 Agent
TID 10079408 - Windows defined roaming profiles stop working after ZfD4 agent is installed
TID 10078454 - User rights assignments cannot be viewed using gpedit.msc
TID 10078071 - Application icons do not show up when running ZfD4 NAL
TID 10075755 - Workstation Associated Apps disappear when you switch to Working Offline
TID 10079048 - After installing ZfD4 agent, Safe Mode is no longer functional
TID 10079410 - NAL crashes if Distribution Prompt is not answered
TID 10079451 - Unable to run pre-distribution scripts
TID 10078478 - ISD NetBios name gets reset to ALL CAPS during an image restore
TID 10078526 - Workstations Policy changes are not stored and not applied
TID 10078699 - Cannnot delete the SUPPORT_XXXX user or HelpServicesGroup on XP after restoring
TID 10078839 - Application scripts don?t run
TID 10074993 - Unable to import workstations to User's Container
TID 10078353 - Restore of 4 GB or larger image hangs
TID 10075979 - Abends in PDHCP.NLM
TID 10079539 - Cannot use the properties tab in the MSI tab of a ZfD4 MSI application.

25 November 2002 - (ZfD4Patch1.exe)

TID 10075111 - Run Once apps don't redistribute if version is increased
TID 10076006 - Volatile User Cache setting not working
TID 10075985 - Rogue Process Managment allows any process to run if Terminated - OK screen is left open.
TID 10075864 - Error: "Event 1085 - The Group Policy client-side extension Scripts failed to execute."
TID 10074373 - MSI apps apply user specific information to All User instead of Current User
TID 10076351 - When an application lauches it gets an error that it could not launch the application (id=123)
TID 10074231 - Multiple .00x profiles created if the ZfD4 user is Volatile.
TID 10069974 - Microsoft Windows Group Policies don't apply on a Windows XP Professional workstation when logging into a Windows NT 4.0 Domain.


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