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How To Create Debug files for Novell Account Management 3

(Last modified: 28May2004)

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Novell Account Management 3.0

Account Management 3.0 Platform Services

Account Management 3.0 Core Services


How To Create Debug files for Novell Account Management 3


When the operational and audit logs do not provide enough information,  Novell Account Management 3.0 provides a debug function. This can be enabled by adding a DEBUGLOGFILE <filename> statement to the service configuration file.

Example: To debug the Platform Service Process
1) Add DEBUGLOGFILE c:\asam.log to the asamplat.conf
2) Stop the ASAM Platform Receiver or the ASAM Platform Services Process service and start it with the -d* option, this will create a file c:\asamd.log. 
      Example :  asampsp -d*
3) Perform the operations required
4) Stop the service and restart it normally

Example: To debug the Core Service Process
1) Add DEBUGLOGFILE c:\asam.log to the asamcore.conf
2) Stop the Asamagnt or Asammgr service and start it with the -d* option, this will create a file c:\asamd.log. 
      Example :  asammgr -d*
3) Perform the operations required
4) Stop the service and restart it normally


Add DEBUGLOGFILE c:\asam.log to asamcore.conf for core services.  Add DEBUGLOGFILE c:\asam.log to asamplat.conf for platform services.  Starting the service with the -d puts it in debug mode and the * tells it to write all information to the log file


Debug for Platform receiver scripts
1) Start the platform receiver in debug mode using the following command line:
    asamrcvr -d "asam_scripts"

2) To generate a debug file containing the DOM being created execute the following command line for the receiver:
        asamrcvr -d "asam_scripts dom"

Both of these commands will create a script log file in the ASAM\data\platformservices\log directory.


Directions for creating a debug log for the Event Listener.
Using ConsoleOne, select the properties for the ASAM driver in the DirXML Driver Set.  Under DirXML Driver Configuration add the following line to the 'Driver Parameters XML' for the ASAM driver:


Apply the change.  To stop logging remove the statement.

Directions for turning on debug for the NAM 3.0 Client Intercept
This will get a trace file from the dll: (\winnt\system32\asampa.dll)

Add the following line to ASAMPLAT.CONF
TRACEFILE c:\trace.log

Below are specific debug options that can be added if needed.  Please only use them when directed by Novell support.  Using the * (recomended option) provides all the information provided by the below listed options.

command line parameters

#define CONNMGR_COMPONENT gASC("connmgr")
#define DIR_CONNMGR_COMPONENT gASC("dir_connmgr")
#define DIR_CACHE_COMPONENT gASC("dir_cache")
#define DOM_COMPONENT gASC("dom")
#define GW3_COMPONENT gASC("gw3")
#define WEB_SERVICES_COMPONENT gASC("web_services")
#define HTTP_CLIENT_COMPONENT gASC("http_client")
#define HTTP_COMMON_COMPONENT gASC("http_common")
#define HTTP_SERVER_COMPONENT gASC("http_server")
#define HTTP_SERVER_TASK_COMPONENT gASC("http_server_task")
#define HTTPES_COMPONENT gASC("httpes")
#define LISTENER_COMPONENT gASC("listener")
#define LISTENER_EXECUTE_COMPONENT gASC("listener_execute")
#define LISTENER_EXECUTE_SSL_COMPONENT gASC("listener_execute_ssl")
#define LISTENER_SUBTASK_COMPONENT gASC("listener_subtask")
#define MVS_COMPONENT gASC("mvs")
#define NETWARE_COMPONENT gASC("netware")
#define NETWORK_TCPIP_COMPONENT gASC("network_tcpip")
#define NETWORK_TCPIP_SSL_COMPONENT gASC("network_tcpip_ssl")
#define OS_MVS_COMPONENT gASC("os_mvs")
#define OS_NETWARE_COMPONENT gASC("os_netware")
#define OS_PTHREAD_COMPONENT gASC("os_pthread")
#define OS_WIN_COMPONENT gASC("os_win")
#define OS_UNIX_COMPONENT gASC("os_unix")
#define CONNMGR_COMPONENT gASC("connmgr")
#define PLATCLIENT_COMPONENT gASC("plat_client")
#define PTHREAD_COMPONENT gASC("pthread")
#define SERVER_COMPONENT gASC("server")
#define UNIX_COMPONENT gASC("unix")
#define OS400_COMPONENT gASC("os400")
#define WIN_COMPONENT gASC("win")
#define CACHE_COMPONENT gASC("cache")
#define LIST_COMPONENT gASC("linklist")
#define TREE_COMPONENT gASC("tree")

/* ASAM specific */
#define ASAM_AGENT_COMPONENT gASC("asam_agent")
#define ASAM_AGENTV3_COMPONENT gASC("asam_agentV3")
#define ASAM_AGENTV3_DES_COMPONENT gASC("asam_agentV3_des")
#define ASAM_CERT_HANDLER_COMPONENT gASC("asam_cert_handler")
#define ASAM_PLATSERV_COMPONENT gASC("asam_platserv")
#define ASAM_EJS_COMPONENT gASC("asam_ejs")
#define ASAM_EJS_EVENTS_COMPONENT gASC("asam_ejs_events")
#define ASAM_EJS_SEARCH_COMPONENT gASC("asam_ejs_search")
#define ASAM_PLATRCVR_COMPONENT gASC("asam_platrcvr")
#define ASAM_OBJECT_SERVICES_COMPONENT gASC("asam_objectserv")
#define ASAM_ACTIVATION_COMPONENT gASC("asam_activation")
#define ASAM_CS_COMPONENT gASC("asam_cs")
#define ASAM_MANAGER_COMPONENT gASC("asam_manager")
#define ASAM_LICENSE_COMPONENT gASC("asam_license")
#define ASAM_DIR_INTERFACE_COMPONENT gASC("asam_dir_interface")
#define ASAM_SCRIPTS_COMPONENT gASC("asam_scripts")
#define ASAM_DIRXML_COMPONENT gASC("asam_dirxml")
#define ASAM_PSEARCH_COMPONENT gASC("asam_psearch")


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