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Filtering (Firewall) Troubleshooting

(Last modified: 13Feb2003)

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Filtering (Firewall) Troubleshooting


How do you install and configure the BorderManager Filtering "Firewall"?


See TID # 10011235


  Are there documents that describe how to make exceptions to allow some types of traffic through the BorderManager "Firewall", like SMTP or WEB?


  See TID # 10011235         

Can you ping the:
    - Workstation?
    - Internal servers?
    - DNS?
    - ISP server?
    - Public DNS?
    - Public Host? 

Can you ping the Workstation?
Can you ping the Internal servers?
Can you ping the External servers / Public servers? 

TCPCON-IP Routing Table
Are you seeing the routes you should have? 

    - Are you seeing the network?
    - Are you seeing the networks you want?
    - What service can you see?
    - Are you seeing the services you want? 

To view log, at workstation start, NWADMN95->(choose gateway server)>Tools-> BorderManager>BorderManager(Tool bar)>View Packet Filtering Log>Display Records
Check the log to see if:
    - The packets that should NOT be blocked ARE coming through the firewall.
    - The packets that SHOULD be blocked are NOT coming through the firewall. 

Loading syntax
    - load iptrace {ip address or host name]
    - Load without address or name, display full syntax of iptrace
    - IPTRACE, sent information to sys:etciptrace.log
What to look for:
    - Was the route correct?
    - Did IPTRACE complete the task? 

View Filters
Save filter to a text file
    - This is an option in filtcfg
How does this help me?
This is a way the to see an overall picture of the filter that is applied, without having to go through each individual filter.
        - This is the file created by FILTCFG.NLM; it stores all filtering information
        - DO NOT edit this file!
        - Although you can view this file, it is very hard to read 

Files Novell will need from to provide technical support
    - sys:etc echwalk.out files ("load techwalk" at console)
    - Save filter to a text file (FILTCFG.NLM)
    - sys:etcFILTER.CFG
    - System map, with addresses
    - Sys:systemcslib*.log
    - Sys:systemcslib*.dat
    - Sys:systemcsliblogsatlogs*.arc
    - sys:etciptrace.log , if IPTRACE was used
    - LANalyzer traces, if created or requested


TID# 2928286


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