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Passwords are not synchronizing between the two eDirectory trees.

(Last modified: 13Feb2004)

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Novell DirXML 1.1

NetWare Mirror Driver


Passwords are not synchronizing between the two eDirectory trees.


1.  The filters on the Publisher and Subscriber channels in one of the trees only synchronized the CN attribute for the User object class.
2.  There are no KMOs that have been signed by one CA in the tree.


1.  Add the attributes to the User object class to allow the passwords to synchronize between the trees.
2.  Follow the on line documentation to create the certificates for the driver objects.  On line documentation for the eDirectory driver.


Steps to change the filter
1.  Right click on the Publisher object and select properties.
2.  Highlight the User enter and select Edit Filter button. 
3.  The two attributes required are Public and Private Key.  Any additional attributes dealing with passwords are optional.  You can select them or not depending upon the desired results. 
4.  Add check boxes to the attributes that deal with Password.
5.  Do the same for the Subscriber filter.


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