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Linking pre-existing UNIX users to eDir with NAM 3.0

(Last modified: 29Aug2005)

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Novell Account Management 3.0 for UNIX Platforms


Linking pre-existing UNIX users to eDir with NAM 3.0


The customer wants UNIX users with their UID and GID to be matched in NAM 3.0 within eDirectory.


There is currently not a supported way of linking pre-existing UNIX accounts into the NAM 3.0 system. However, the following are some steps that can be taken to link the users:
1. Stop the Platform Receiver
2. Stop the Event Listener
3. Make sure a trawl will not be running soon.
4. Create a user in eDirectory with matching /etc/passwd information.
5. Use an LDIF file to import a UID/GID object into the ASAM System container with the desired UID and GID. Make sure there will not be any UID/GID collisions.  To do this, take an LDIF dump of one of the UID/GID objects.  Then edit that file to create a UID/GID object with the new user name and UID/GID number.
6. Start the Platform Receiver
7. Start the Event Listener
8. Start a trawl.


The trawl process will create the eUser in the census and platform sets. NAM will attempt to create a UID/GID object, but will fail because it already exists. It will then use the pre-existing UID/GID object for the new user.


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