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Is it possible to add a user home directory to a user with iManager 1.5?

(Last modified: 29May2003)

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Novell iManager 1.5

User object user home directory attribute.


Is it possible to add a user home directory to a user with iManager 1.5?

Unable to create a user home directory attribute on a user object with iManager 1.5 using the modify user task.


It is possible to add a user home directory to a user object with iManager 1.5 however a custom task must be created to do this.  When the base tasks for iManager 1.5 where created the user home directory attribute was not added to the base tasks Create User and Modify User.  In order to add or modify a user home directory attribute a custom task needs to be created.


iManager 2 should have the ability to manage the user home directory attribute as part of the base or core Create User and Modify User tasks.

To create a custom task in iManager 1.5 that will allow the management of the user home directory attribute perform the following steps.

1. Log into iManager as the admin user.
2. Select the Configure button at the top (icon of person sitting at a desk).
3. Expand Task configuration and select Create iManager Task.
4. For Class use the user class.  Keep the target device as Browser and Plug-in type as Task.  Select next.
5. Select the attributes desired manage with this task.  Select home directory along with any other attributes that are desired to be manage when running this task.  Select next.
6. Format the content.  When selecting multiple attributes it is possible to select which ones appear in the window above others.  Order these as desired and select next.
7. Preview the task.  This allows a preview of what the task will look like.  This give an opportunity to go back and reorder the attributes if desired.  Select next.
8. Install the Task.  Enter the name for this task.  As an example use Modify User Home Directory.
9. Select a Collection object to store this task in.  Click the magnifying glass icon and then select search.  The Role Based Service.Org - (assuming the collection object is in the top Org) should show in the results window.
10. Select a Role that this task will be added to.  Click the magnifying glass icon and then search.  For example select the Role User Management.Role Based Service.Org.
11. Select finish and OK.
12. Now select the Roles and Tasks icon along the top and expand the user management role.
13. A new task called Modify User Home Directory should be there.  Select this and then search for a user object to manage.  It should now allow the addition of a Home Directory attribute to the user.


-With this process the user object must be created first and then modified to add the home directory attribute.
-Tasks currently cannot be modified.  If a task needs to be modified it must be deleted and a new one created.
-If there are a large amount of user objects to create and this process to cumbersome, an LDIF file can be used to create the new users and add the home directory attributes.


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