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Fixes Included in the Novell Client v3.4 for Windows 95/98

(Last modified: 08Aug2003)

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Fixes Included in the Novell Client v3.4 for Windows 95/98


Novell Client v3.4 for Windows 95/98


 000295180 – Unable to administer rights from windows shell extension if locality object is used in tree. For more information, see


000330644 - Why does the Novell Client try to resolve Internet URLs through NDS? For more information, see


000314201 - NDPS Library is not searching for an appropriate printer driver by name. For more information, see


100276667 - WSAConnect to SPX target address succeeds when host unreachable. For more information, see


100294248 - User can navigate through help system on login dialog to delete local files.


100304062 - On Windows 98 the Novell Client language indicator is showing the wrong language.


000326943 - Win9x workstation w/ ZEN installed, user as print operator on PA unable to delete jobs. For more information, see


000330082 - When the SLP costing occurs for the nearest server, all the partitions are returned (n.dap.novell services), but only the first one returned is evaluated/costed for use. For more information, see


000333796 - If a certain Lexmark driver is already installed on a workstation, then when installing a second printer with that driver, we fail with the error: "AddPrintProcessor failed see winerror.h - 87". For more information, see


000278287 - GroupWise 6 WebAccess & GWIA installation fails. For more information, see



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