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How to re-configure eDirectory components after an eDirectory install

(Last modified: 09Dec2004)

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How to re-configure eDirectory components after an eDirectory install


Novell eDirectory


Error: This Installation can only be run on a Netware 5.1 Server

Error: This installation can only be run on a Netware 6 Server


In the past, the best way to install all of the additional components that ships with eDirectory, I.E. PKI, LDAP, etc, after an install would be to type "uinstall edir" at a console prompt and then re-install eDirectory through nwconfig.  If this is attempted with eDirectory 8.7.1 on a Netware 6.5 server, errors will occur and the install will be halted. 


DO NOT RUN THIS ON A NETWARE 6.5 SERVER WITH eDirectory 8.7.3 installed!!!

Before beginning it may be wise to make a copy of the SYS:SYSTEM\PRODUCTS.DAT file, and copy it to a new location, this file can be restored if something goes wrong.

The above procedure is not support on Netware 6.5.  Netware 6.5 ships with a post install feature that will allow an administrator to reconfigure all of the eDirectory components (LDAP, etc) as well as other Netware components after an install of eDirectory.  Below is the procedure to perform this operation:

- If eDirectory has been removed through NWCONFIG.NLM, add eDirectory back onto the box using NWCONFIG | Directory Options
- Mount the Netware 6.5 Product CD
- Launch the Netware GUI (type startx at a console)
- Click on the Novell logo in the bottom right hand screen and choose Install
- Click on Add
- Fill in the "path to install from" by browsing to the NW65PROD CD and selecting the POSTINST.NI
- Select the desired components to install and perform the install.


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