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How do you replicate printer drivers across multiple NDPS Brokers?

(Last modified: 08Aug2003)

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Novell NetWare 6.5

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How do you replicate printer drivers across multiple NDPS Brokers?


Is there a way to upload a driver once and then propigate that driver across multiple Brokers?

I want to be able to have a central distribution point for all my NDPS Brokers.

How can I copy printer drivers from one NDPS Broker to another?

How do I copy drivers from one Resource Management Service (RMS) to another RMS on a different server?


The purpose of this document is to help administrators distribute a central copy of the NDPS Broker's driver database to other NDPS Brokers on a corporate network.  A discussion of how to copy a single driver from one Broker to another will also be discussed.

In order to understand the steps provided, a brief history of the NDPS Broker and the drivers will be discussed.


The NDPS Broker is comprised of three services; the Service Registry Service (SRS - REGSRVR.NLM), the Event Notification Service (ENS - NTFYSRVR.NLM), and Resource Management Service (RMS - RMANSRVR.NLM).  This document will focus primarily upon the Resource Management Service (RMS - RMANSRVR.NLM) portion of the Broker without discussing the other two services that the NDPS Broker provides.  Further discussion of the Resource Management Service will be referred to as the RMS.

The RMS provides print banners for the Novell gateway, printer definition files for printer configuration, and printer drivers for the various Windows platforms.  The importance of the printer definition files have been diminished over the years and Novell is not actively developing or including new printer definition files.  The primary purpose of the RMS is to provide printer drivers to the various Windows operating systems on an as needed basis.

When the RMS was first introduced, printer drivers were stored in a non-compressed state.  Meaning, the printer driver and associated INF file were in a directory.  Because uncompressed printer drivers can consume large amounts of disk space, starting with NetWare 5.1 SP3 and later, the RMS now compresses all printer drivers in a ZIP format.  Please refer to NOVL91668 titled "What is the old and new printer driver structure of the RMS?".  The document "What is the old and new printer driver structure of the RMS?" will show the current directory structure used by the NDPS Broker.  Additionally, you will notice that under each major operating system, you will see either a name (ie: HP2200P6, LEX_PCL, QMS, X1235PCL, etc.) or some random hex number (3DD531E5, 3DF8CB71, 3DF36303, etc.).  If these directories have not been modified, the directories with names are drivers that shipped with the RMS on the NetWare OS CD.  The directories with the random hex number are printer drivers that were added after the RMS was created.  (The random hex number is actually the number of seconds since midnight January 1, 1970.)


You can copy the entire RMS driver database from one server to several servers, or you can copy a single driver from that server to several server.  Here are the steps:


1.)  Use some sort of automated method to copy the printer drivers from server to server.  This could be a batch job, CRON job, etc.
2.)  You will need to specify the source, which will typically be SYS:NDPS\RESDIR\ENGLISH\PRNDRV and all the directories below PRNDRV (such as NT4, WIN2000, WIN95, etc.)
3.)  Once you have copied the files to the destination server, you will need to either disable and re-enable the RMS, or you can unload and reload the NDPS Broker.  The changes in the NDPS Broker database on the destination RMS will not take effect until the RMS is restarted.
NOTE:  When you copy the entire database from one server to another, the RMS will take several moments to rebuild the NDPSTOC.INI file and import the drivers into the destination RMS.  Again, this will only take effect when the RMS has been restarted.


1.)  When a printer driver is uploaded into the RMS database, the driver will be placed in a directory name of some random hex number (ie: 3DD531E5, 3DF8CB71, or 3DF36303).  For example, if a new Windows 2000 printer driver is uploaded, it could go to SERVER1\SYS:NDPS\RESDIR\ENGLISH\PRNDRV\WIN2000\3DDBF549.  You will copy this new directory (3DDBF549) and subdirectories (3DDBF549\ARCHIVES) to your new server:  SERVER2\SYS:NDPS\RESDIR\ENGLISH\PRNDRV\WIN2000\.
2.)  Once the directory has been copied, you will need to restart the RMS.


The Origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell. Novell makes all reasonable efforts to verify this information. However, the information provided in this document is for your information only. Novell makes no explicit or implied claims to the validity of this information.
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