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What is new in the 4.9 Client?

(Last modified: 28Oct2005)

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What is new in the 4.9 Client?


Novell Client 4.9 for Windows NT/2000/XP


Below lists the subjects that are covered in this document:

- Client Login GUI additions
- Client Performance Enhancements
- Client Internal Enhancements
- Client Administrator Tools
- LDAP Contextless and Treeless Login

Client Login GUI additions


NMAS Client integration

- Support for new password enhancements and its management
- Allows enforcement of password restrictions such as: alpha and/or numeric, must include, can't include, etc.
- Support extended character passwords.

Language indicator

Appears on Login gui when two keyboards are detected

Sticky workstation only checkbox

Previous versions of the Novell Client left this option unchecked by default, regardless of your last selection.  Starting with the 4.9 Client, the option remembers your last selection.

Uninstall option for Client 

Force Logoff

- Allows another user to forcibly logoff existing user through the CTRL + ALT + DEL dialogue.
- Warning box is displayed warning of potential data loss

Bypass Novell Initial Login

- Unchecking this option causes the Microsoft GINA to be shown at bootup instead of the Novell GINA.
- Helpful for VPN and Mobile users
- Can still use red 'N' for normal functionality. For example: login scripts, NMAS login, drive mapping,  iPrint, NDPS, browse UNC paths, browse eDirectory, NAL, zen Policies, event notification to WS Manager for zenWorks actions.
- Won't work: any NWGINA functionality: NAL, zenWorks, eDirectory security at workstation, locking down workstation, distribution of user printers

Disable Tree and Context

- Prevents a user from inadvertently changing trees or contexts
- Enforces security by restricting user to a given tree or context
- Helpful for Contextless and Treeless Login

Performance Enhancements


UNC Path Filter

- Dramatic performance of speed for file open and UNC path resolution
- Best for mixed Microsoft and Novell environments, especially where CIFS is used
- Filters out Windows resolution protocols being attempted to resolve NetWare resource names
- In "Advance Settings" property page under "UNC Path Filter"

Manual population of 'Bad Name Cache'

- Prevents delays when searching for unknown server names
- Cached list of server names that are unreachable, so the client doesn't waste time checking the network
- In "Advance Settings" property page under "Bad Server Name Cache"
- Populated by:
    Requestor (dynamic)
    Registry setting (static): HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetwareWorkstation\Parameters\Bad Name Cache Enabled

Opportunistic Locking

- Level I - released when anyone accesses for any reason
- Level II - caching is disabled only when a write occurs by any workstation. Supported on NetWare 5.1 SP6 (legacy volumes only), NetWare 6 SP3+ (legacy and NSS volumes).

Client Internal Enhancements


Terabyte Files Size Support
         - 64 bit file size pointers for files >4GB or 18,446,744,073,709,551,615
         - Only NSS volumes are supported
         - Supported platforms and protocols are:
                  Windows Client: 4.9+
                  NetWare: NW6 SP3+
                  CIFS: NW6.5+

Distributed File System Junctions (DFS Junctions)
         - Similar to reparse points used on NTFS
         - Looks like a directory to a user
         - Junction can only point at volume root, not a subdirectory
         - Must be NetWare V6 NSS volume (legacy NSS volume will work if last volume in path)
         - Managed by iManager or ConsoleOne
         - Junctions are cached for speed

New Client Administrator Tools


Client Web Download and Installation

- Install Client from a web server
- Based on proven GroupWise download code
- Load distribution capability for faster downloads
- Best distributed via webpage, email, etc
- Easily distribute the client to remote offices or remote laptops

How the web install works:

a. Copy Client installation files to a web server
b. For unattended install, run NCIMan utility to pre-answer prompt questions
c. Run WRITEIP utility and specify distribution options (Graphical Interface shown above)
d. Specify IP addresses of servers with client files
e. Randomization for load balance
f.  Specify unattend file, if desired
g. Distribute via web page reference, email, or login script

Update Agent


- Roughly equivalent to Microsoft's Windows Update
- Ensures that user has latest client and support packs
- Can mandate automatic update intervals or allow manual 'N' update
- Best suited for major releases and support packs
- Once set up, no further administrator intervention is needed
- Novell Client version 4.91 has a modified version of this interface.  The "Unattend File" field shown in this example is replaced by a "Latest Client Configuration Settings File:" field.

LDAP Contextless Login

- Based on existing Cool Solutions implementation
- Requires an NDS server (V85.x) running LDAP
- Users don't have to know their contexts
- Resolves multiple user names in same tree
- Managed through Client's Property Pages

- Can allow wildcard in name (i.e. BJohn*)
- Can search on username, email address, telephone number, uid, and others
- Can specify contexts to be searched
        - Specific contexts
        - Context and sub tree
- Can specify connection and search timeouts
- Can mandate SSL connection

LDAP Treeless Login

- Includes all features of Contextless Login
- Offers failover to redundant tree for fault tolerance
- Managed through Client's Property Pages


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