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How to configure Nsure Audit Report

(Last modified: 11May2004)

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How to configure Nsure Audit Report


Novell Nsure Audit 1.0.1


Nsure Audit Report aka Lreport needs to be configured to understand the events logged in the MySQL or Oracle database. It also needs to be configured to show the data in a human readable format.
This document summarizes how to import the event information, configure the ODBC data connector for MySQL, and how to format the data being displayed so that fields such as time stamp, and perpetrator (data) are visible in a human readable format.

Part I - Configuring the ODBC Data Source

  1. Download the ODBC data connector for MySQL fro m  (to simplify things, download the driver installer)
  2. Execute the driver installer.
  3. Go to Control Panel, Administrative tools, and open the Data sources (ODBC) applet.
  4. Click on the User DSN tab. Highlight the line that contains MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver under the Driver column. The default name is usually test. Click Configure.
  5. Change the data source name to naudit.
  6. Enter the host name or IP address for the server hosting the MySQL database.
  7. Enter the database name (usually naudit)
  8. Enter the user account and password with rights to access the naudit database.
  9. Leave the port number alone, unless the port number was changed during the MySQL installation.
  10. Click Test Data Source to confirm that the data source is configured correctly.
    Check the How to configure MySQL for Nsure Audit TID for more information regarding setting up MySQL.

Part II - Import the event information from the Secure Logging Server

  1. Launch Nsure Audit Report. This can be launched from the Start Menu, or from Program Files/Novell/Nsure Audit/lreport.exe.
  2. The first time Nsure Audit Report loads, it will display a message about licensing. If the license has been installed for the Secure Logging Server, the following steps will also disable the Starter Pack license message as well as import the event information. Click OK if this message is displayed. NOTE: If you have just installed a new Nsure Audit License file (NAUDIT.NLF)on your secure logging server, you need to load and unload lengine.nlm prior to importing the application schemata in order to eliminate the license message.
  3. When Nsure Audit Report is opened, click on File, then Import, and select Application Schemata.
  4. Enter the DNS name or IP address of the Secure Logging Server, and select the appropriate language. Click ok.
  5. Restart Nsure Audit Report when prompted.

Part III - Configure the display format for the Client and Server Timestamps and the Perpetrator(data) Fields.

  1. From Nsure Audit Report, click View, and then Options.
  2. Click on the translation tab.
  3. Change the Date/Time format to Locale. This will display the date and time the event occurred.
  4. Change the Binary Data to Display Ascii, and set the Display First setting to 100 bytes. If a the display first XXX bytes is not configured, the perpetrator field will be blank when queries are displayed.
  5. Click OK.

Other options such as how many rows to display, and in what order can also be configured from the Preferences menu.



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