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How to configure the TeraTerm emulator with SecureLogin

(Last modified: 30Sep2004)

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Novell SecureLogin version 3.5

Novell SecureLogin version 3.51

Novell SecureLogin version 3.51 SP1

TeraTerm Emulator


How to configure the TeraTerm emulator with SecureLogin


TeraTerm emulator does not work after installing advanced support

Launching the TeraTerm emulator causes tlaunch.exe to be executed until the system runs out of resources

When I launch the TeraTerm emulator my workstation eventually locks up


SecureLogin version 3.51 ships with advanced TeraTerm support. We have found that newer versions of the TeraTerm emulator do not work properly if the advanced support is enabled.
During the installation, if SecureLogin detects that the TeraTerm emulator is already installed, it will prompt if you would like to add advanced support for the TeraTerm emulator. If you click yes, then the installation program will ask for the directory where the TeraTerm emulator is installed. By pointing to this directory SecureLogin will rename the original executable (ttermpro.exe) to ttermpro1.exe. It will then copy down a modified version of ttermpro.exe to the same directory. If you attempt to launch the executable ttermpro.exe then the emulator will not load. If you press <Alt><Ctl><Del> and look at the services window you will see tlaunch.exe is being loaded into memory over and over again. This continues until the workstation runs out of resources and hangs. The only way to stop this condition is to logoff the current session or restart the workstation. To eliminate the problem, then delete the new ttermpro.exe file and rename the ttermpro1.exe file back to it's original name of ttermpro.exe.
When you attempt to create the tlaunch emulator definition for TeraTerm do not use the emulator type of TeraTerm. Use the advanced generic definition. Below is a sample tlaunch.ini entry for the TeraTerm emulator configured as an advanced generic type. The tlaunch.ini file should be located in the
\Program Files\Novell\SecureLogin directory.
[Adv_Gen TeraTerm]
TerminalType=Advanced Generic
WindowTitle=Tera Term - VT
The above HostName and WindowTitle items should be modified to reflect your specific IP address or host name. 
WaitforText "ogin:"
type $username
SendKey '\N'
WaitforText "assword:"
type $password
SendKey '\N'


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