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How to troubleshoot the Nsure Audit MySQL channel

(Last modified: 12Feb2004)

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How to troubleshoot the Nsure Audit MySQL channel


Novell Nsure Audit 1.0

Novell Nsure Audit 1.0.1


Error: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061)

Error: MySQL server has gone away

MySQL log channel doesn't appear to load


The MySQL log channel object needs to be in the Channels container specified on the Containers property page of the logging server object in WebAdmin or iManager.

The Address under the Host properties of the MySQL channel needs to contain the correct IP address or DNS host name to connect to the server. If the Secure Logging Server is also hosting the MySQL database, the address is recommended.

Make sure that the User specified has an account in MySQL and is able to log in from the IP address of the Secure Logging Server. For example, if TID 10088726 was followed to install MySQL on Netware 6 and configure it for use with Nsure Audit, the account created to access the database will be called auditusr. If the IP address of is used, then auditusr needs to be granted the rights to log into the localhost address. To confirm access rights for auditusr, do the following:

At the server hosting the MySQL database, type mysql -u root -p, enter the password went prompted.
When MySQL monitor loads, type use mysql
Once the database has been changed, we need to perform a query against the 'user' table in the mysql database.
SELECT host,user from user;
This command displays a box with 2 columns.
mysql> select host,user from user;
| host      | user     |
| %         | admin    |
| %         | auditusr |
| %         | john     |
| %         | root     |
| localhost | auditusr |
| localhost | root     |                                                       

9 rows in set (0.00 sec)

If auditusr does not have an account with localhost listed in the host column, create the auditusr@localhost account. See step 12 on TID 10088726.

If the Secure Logging Server is not on the same machine as the MySQL server, then create an auditusr@'server-address' account or an auditusr@'%' account.

 Confirm the password.

Confirm the database and table name. Note: if root is used to log into the MySQL server for the MySQL channel, the database and table will be created automatically from the values supplied on the channel object. The table will be created automatically if the audit user account has been granted the appropriate rights to the database specified in the Database Name field.

If everything is configured correctly, the channel will load. Check the logger screen on Netware 6,  or the nproduct.log file on Windows for the status. If errors are occurring, it is like due to rights issues. Follow the steps in TID 10088726 to ensure that the MySQL server is set up correctly. Steps 7-13 specifically discuss creation of the auditusr account, and the naudit database.



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